Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seoul family trip 2014: Part 1.

Finally got our Seoul photos from Jing, so I can blog about it! Going to blog about our 3rd day, 'cause there are too many photos from the other days haha.

Day 3 in Seoul was off to a bad start! I wanted to bring family to eat gamja tang (pork bone stew; kinda like a Korean bak kut teh) at Apgujeong, but it was a streak of bad luck. First, we took the wrong exit from the subway station so we walked for a long time before we realized we were headed to the wrong direction. After that, we finally got the right street but we walked for what felt like an eternity before I was forced to make the conclusion that the restaurant has either moved or closed down. T__T

We were really hungry and tired (from walking wuwuwu), so we ended up at Paris Baguette, one of Korea's largest bakery chain. The pastries there are really yummy, but I felt bad for making my family (especially my parents T_T) walked so much for nothing. Not to mention, I am sure they would have preferred to eat some authentic Korean food instead of just pastries. :'(

 photo DSC00941_zps869bc93f.jpg
Huge array of pastries!

 photo DSC00947_zpsebb32072.jpg
Eenie meenie miney mo...

 photo DSC00948_zps41bf73ec.jpg
Haha both the passerby and I looked so intent on the selections with puckered lips wtf.

 photo DSC00963_zpsd67cb69b.jpg
Colorful drinks! The purple one is sweet potato latte, and the gray-ish one is black sesame latte.

 photo DSC00970_zps2f06d2f5.jpg
Toasting with lattes wtf.

 photo DSC00968_zps81852678.jpg
Behind the scenes-- the drinks are actually very hot! Just look at my face haha.

 photo DSC00972_zps52c78ec2.jpg
With Jing, who just went back to Brisbane today. T___T

 photo DSC00966_zpsf33f1482.jpg
We ordered too much food! There was still another 2 plates of pastries on another table. -_-

 photo DSC00983_zpsfa6b6aee.jpg

 photo DSC00985_zps65034711.jpg

Neon polka dot netted sweater: H&M kids
Leather flare skirt: AZORIAS
Pink diamante drop necklace: Korea
Suede heeled ballet pumps: Topshop
Bag: Celine

 photo DSC00984_zps5aa62798.jpg
Yes, I was wearing a kids sweater! Sometimes I shop at the kids department hehehe. And I love my new necklace so much, it changes colors under sunlight!

 After lunch, we took a short walk around Apgujeong. Apgujeong is filled with cosmetic surgery centers-- in fact, they are so common that they are literally right next to Starbucks and supermarkets. And they are not hidden at all, they are huge, tall buildings that blatantly promote cosmetic surgery. A Korean friend has mentioned to me before that the waiting list for a good cosmetic surgery hospital is about 6 months. :O

 photo photo17_zpse2f33444.jpg
My mom cheekily slap on a plaster on her nose when she walked past a cosmetic surgery hospital, hahaha.

 photo DSC00996_zps20d6447d.jpg
After that, we went to Garosugil which was nearby. Garosugil is a street that is filled with boutiques and cafes-- which is basically a girl's heaven. For men, not so much, haha. But there are a lot of good looking people prancing about on this street though, in fact, a lot of aspiring talents hang out here hoping to be discovered.

 photo DSC01013_zps8ebc66dc.jpg
 photo DSC01015_zps11527edd.jpg
I always enjoy shopping here and admire their store displays. Koreans are so good with their visual merchandising!!

 photo DSC00998_zpsb452df67.jpg
Some of these boutiques are actually opened by Korean celebrities!

 photo DSC01019_zpse7b80915.jpg
Saw this pack of Shihzus obediently following their owner around. When the owner stepped into a restaurant to grab something, these dogs just waited quietly outside the shop!! Why can't Rocky be like that, haih.

 photo DSC01048_zpseb25de24.jpg
Randomly picked a cafe to chill at. There are tonnes to pick from! We chose one that is on the ground floor so that we can people watch, hehe.

 photo DSC01054_zpsd48a7771.jpg
The three musketeers!

 photo DSC01059_zps77ea548c.jpg
 photo DSC01065_zps93083f4e.jpg
Weirdo siblings that deserve each other.

 photo DSC01069_zps04828a6f.jpg
At night, we went to Gangnam, which is one of my boyfriend's favorite places in Seoul, as he loves the abundance of city lights there. He thinks he is a moth lol.

 photo DSC01068_zps0f853186.jpg
Couldn't resist snacking on some cheese fries at the subway station although we were headed for Korean BBQ.

 photo DSC01073_zps03f93ab0.jpg
Freezing at night! Until legs also crossed already haha.

 photo DSC01075_zps19c46288.jpg
When in Gangnam... :D

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Husband material.

Just came back from Korea yesterday night! I originally planned to blog during our trip, but I grossly under-estimated how busy we would be.

I suppose I could delve right into pictures from our trip, but I am going to do a quick post about 2 incidents recently that make me feel THAT much luckier for the boy! :)

1. The day before we flew off to Korea, I put extra care and thought into making dinner for the boy. Reasons being: 1) it's the last dinner I am cooking for him before my trip, 2) he was having a terrible sore throat, so I have to prepare something non-heaty and comforting. However, I was also really busy as I need to finish work before flying off, and I haven't even packed, so I decided to make a steamed egg and steam tofu with vegetables-- easy peasy, and doesn't require much work from me, right? Well, the only flaw in the plan is that I have never steamed anything in my life wtf.

I started cooking late 'cause he had to work late, but at 9pm when he was leaving office, I still wasn't done with cooking dinner!!! The damn food just wouldn't steam properly-- 1 hour down and the tofu was STILL steaming!! -_- The boy called me on his way home to find me almost in tears wtf-- the stress of a failed dinner, and my huge pile of work AND packing for a week was getting to me. However, he came home and lightly pushed me to change, and started cleaning up the kitchen. "We are going out to eat dinner. Cooking is not supposed to stressful. Friday nights are not supposed to be stressful!", he told me. Turns out he bought premium tickets for a late night movie (Captain America), and he was determined to cheer me up again. I am so grateful for that, 'cause obviously he had a long hard day himself, but still he put my happiness above everything else. :)

2. On our 3rd day in Korea, we received a call from my mom's best friend. Turns out my grandpa fell down in our living room, and he started vomiting and feeling unwell after that. This is obviously a cause for worry, 'cause vomiting is a sign of internal injury, and my grandpa is 85 years old! :(  My mom's best friend helped to admit him into A&E, and he was to stay there till we were back.

When I told the boy, he immediately planned to leave work early to visit my grandpa. He started asking me what are my grandpa's favorite food (though he remembers that it's vinegar pork trotter), and bought fruits and newspapers for him. He also suggested to Facetime us when he is with my grandpa so that we could see him and talk to him. In fact, on that night he was with my grandpa from 7pm till almost 11pm to accompany my grandma who was visiting as well, and fed my grandpa fish porridge (that he bought). On  the second day, he fetched my grandma to visit, and stayed the night at my place as our maid stayed back at the hospital to take care of my grandpa. Now he is the apple of my grandparents' eyes, and they wouldn't stop gushing about him LOL.

Jokes aside, I feel really blessed because all of these gestures are done from his own initiative, and I feel so touched that he cares so much for my family!

I just wanted to jot these stories down here so that I can read them when I am mad at the boy WTF. Haha, no la, just want to remind myself that I am so lucky that I be marrying someone who loves me so immensely, and that I must never, ever take him for granted. :)

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Window panes.

Just a quick post today! Have about a hundred and one things to settle before flying off tomorrow to Korea with the family for a short holiday.

Biggest thing that happened to me this week-- I lost my phone. T______T

More accurately, my phone was stolen. We were in KLCC, and on the way back, I realized my phone was gone ARGHHH. It's not possible to have dropped out of my bag as my bag is pretty deep, so it's confirmed stolen. You fucking thief, I hope you get raped by fleas-infested apes.

I tried to comfort myself that I am due to change to a new phone this year anyway, as my old phone is starting to give me problems. Also tried to reassure myself that at least the thief took my phone, and not our wedding bands which we picked up on the same day.

Anyway, on to happier things!

I love my boyfriend. He suggested to me recently that we should bring my grandparents to Yut Kee in KL as they used to stay around that area. He just thinks it would be really interesting and meaningful for them. So I thought that today would be great as Jing is back too.

 photo IMG_0065_zpsc74d621c.jpg
Happy grandparents! The boy purposely drove around KL so that they can reminisce about the place, and they were so cute, kept on commenting on how different things are now, and telling us little anecdotes about their past.

 photo photo38_zps0ceca0d6.jpg
Unintentionally matched my dress to the old school window panes in Yut Kee. :P

 photo photo35_zpsd0a44ef5.jpg
Digging in!

The boy insisted that he will treat us, and he actually budgeted about RM per pax. He wryly commented that only the Hoe family will eat RM200 worth at a kopitiam HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_0063_zps2e832006.jpg
Forgot to take a photo with our grandparents! T_____T At least we have with our grandma while queuing for a table.

 photo photo37_zpsc1bf22d9.jpg

 photo photo36_zpsf1f6bac2.jpg

Patchwork print dress: AZORIAS
Butterfly statement necklace: Bangkok
Black suede ankle-strapped wedges: Zara
Bag: Dior

All in all, I feel really blessed that the boy thought of this little nice gesture for my grandparents, and actually took action to make it happen (driving all of us us there, paying for the meal, showing parts of KL to my grandparents...). The epitome of love is when you not only care about your other half, but the loved ones of your other half too! :D

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