Monday, July 28, 2014

Mini honeymoon plans.

Am really excited 'cause we will be going on a mini honeymoon next month! :D

We were not planning on any honeymoon trips this year, and instead was aiming to go on a longer trip next year after the wedding reception. However, we received some advice from married friends--"go on a honeymoon, even if it's just a short trip while you are still on a high from the wedding. Else, you might get bogged down with daily life, and before you know it, babies will come, and you will never get to go on your honeymoon!". Also, the boy needs a break from work. On top of that, we received some ang paos (so so so grateful for this, 'cause let's be frank, every new married couple who is starting out will be tight on finances T_T), which we invested more than half of it. For the rest of the money, we decided to top up on it and pamper ourselves with a little honeymoon!

We are going to Bali! 'Cause now we can finally go after being married wtf. I am sure all of you have heard of the Bali curse right! Basically the curse is that all unmarried couples who visit Bali will end up separating. I know some of you call this bollocks, but I swear to god 9 out 10 couples whom I know who went to Bali ended up breaking up! :O Even those really steady couples who have dated 9-10 years. :/

But now we have immunity after getting married! wtf. I will wave our marriage certificate while checking in at immigrations WTF.

Anyway, I had a really good time at Bali early this year (it was my first time visiting). Was looking fondly through the photos we took....

 photo DSC_0657_zps69fad670.jpg
Ayam TOO TOO hot, hahaha. This was our first meal in Bali! We had lunch before checking into our villa.

 photo DSC_0733_zpscdb8cb16.jpg
We stayed in W hotel for our first day! Before you jump to conclusions that we are very rich, let me burst your bubble by confessing that we stayed there for one night only haha. We wanted to experience the villa at least once, so the 3 of us chipped in for one night's stay! 'Cause it's really too expensive wtf. On the second day, we checked out and moved to a cheaper villa hahaha.

 photo DSC_0688_zps42d3e924.jpg
Giant cushions by the pool side! I love everything about W hotel in Bali. I mean, how can I possibly hate a hotel with a hot pink lobby, haha.

 photo DSC_0704_zps6def80fc.jpg
Tried to take some jumping shots but we just couldn't coordinate our jumps. #mybrotherisalousyphotographer

 photo DSC_0707_zpsd1c8669e.jpg
Another super failed jump shot. I looked like I was dancing dangdut or joget FML.

 photo DSC_0761_zps9877ab7b.jpg
Dunno why I looked so serious here. I guess I really take my food very seriously wtf.

 photo DSC_0709_zpseb080348.jpg
Trying to take a photo of the sunset and this stupid Jing jumped out and scare me hahaha.

 photo DSC_0768_zps045e4c45.jpg
We got the nicest seat in the house! And I think I was trying to wipe my phone screen with my bikini HAHA.

 photo DSC_0770_zps37c77b5a.jpg
Emo running towards beach photo wtf.

 photo DSC_0793_zps3e548cef.jpg
Beach yoga hahaha.

 photo DSC_0790_zps33e7bdf3.jpg
Behind the scenes of our beach photos: We hung all our clothes on our brother HAHAHA.

The woes of being short-- I am always the first one to jump 'cause it takes a shorter time for my shorter body/ legs to be in the air WTF.

 photo DSC_0797_zps0e3dafea.jpg
Yay, finally a successful jumping shot at the beach! Nobody needs to know that it took us 57 tries wtf.

 photo DSC_0803_zps74d08dd2.jpg
So so beautiful! It was really such a happy magical first day in Bali. :D

 photo DSC_0777_zpse04e4df0.jpg
Trying to remember everything Tyra Bank said about pointed toes and arched back wtf.

 photo DSC_0841_zpse3a67be6.jpg
For dinner, we had authentic Indonesian food! We even sat in an authentic wooden pondok hehe.

I didn't know Indonesians also sit on the floor for meals! Got a bit confused between Indonesia and Japan for a minute wtf.

 photo DSC_0856_zps45e8aa2d.jpg
We ordered the "royalty feast" which is apparently what the king eats? Basically it is just super a lot of dishes, haha. I think we were served 30-over dishes!!

 photo DSC_0846_zpsd3cd481e.jpg
Outfit for the night! There is a pool in the restaurant which really adds on to the ambiance. BUT, I was worrying throughout that I would fall into it, haha.

Silk romper with cutout midriff: Topshop
Statement necklace: Bangkok
Strappy sandals: Zara
Patent lips clutch: Bangkok

 photo DSC_0863_zps39a54e64.jpg
Went back to the hotel, and we were seved martinis-- which we were supposed to make ourselves! Had a lot of fun pretending to be a bartender, haha.

 photo DSC_0871_zpsa859ae8f.jpg
Then at midnight, we had another agenda before bedtime....

 photo DSC_0890_zps6c27bf55.jpg
Bubble bath in our bath tub!!

 This is an extra special pastime for us because we used to stay in Awana hotel in Genting which has jacuzzi bathtubs. Back then, my favorite part of Genting Highlands is having super long bubble baths with my sisters and cousins! We were really young then, so there wouldn't be a single thread on us wtf. We will use the bubbles to make bras (haha), and chef hats, and all kinds of random things that only a kid can think of.

 photo DSC_0873_zps1b7fe9d8.jpg
Pretending to be a ghost 'cause NO HANDS, MA!

 photo DSC_0879_zpsa3d7075e.jpg
 Found an oar in our bathroom so.... :P

Teeny opted out of this really fun activity 'cause she wanted to sleep instead, hmmph. Not that the bathtub could fit all 3 of us also la, haha.

It was a typical FML activity though. It took us damn long to draw a warm bath that is deep enough for the both of us, as well as created enough bubbles for the bath. Then barely 10 minutes later, I accidentally kicked the plug, and all the water started disappearing HAHAHA. Then we were forced to try to plug in the water with our fingers and toes HAHAHAH. So what was supposed to be a very chilled-out pastime ended up being really physically-demanding HAHHAHAHA.

In the end, we managed to fill up the bath again though! And had a good long chat with Jing immersed in bubbles. :)

So that's all for our first day in Bali! Can you tell that I really had a very very very good time, haha.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Best money we have spent on the wedding...

Jing sent over this photo of us at the end of the wedding, and it really cracked me up:

 photo DSC04337_zps3c2afd20.jpg
Btw, this is my second gown! I changed into a lighter lace slip dress for lunch. :)

It totally sums up how we felt after the whole event! Although it was just the wedding ceremony, and was only a few hours long (granted that the bridal party was up since 5am FOL), but we were totally SPENT. I have full-on respect for couples who did all the wedding she-bang in one day-- tea ceremony, ROM, reception dinner... How do you guys do it, it amazes me! :O

And the thing is, we actually have a coordinator/ planner for the day! Also felt so exhausted physically and mentally wtf. It's one of the best things we have spent on for the wedding, getting a coordinator! It was something that I decided on very early into wedding-planning, although it might be considered as a "luxury" item by some people.

The main reasons being:
1) We have a morning ceremony (decided on on a morning one 'cause there is less chance of rain, haha), which means I definitely need help setting up. As it is, I woke up at 5am on the day for make-up. Can you imagine if I have to set up the venue?! Need to camp there overnight wtf.

2) Most of my girlfriends are based overseas/ outstation; heck, even my sister is! So they are all only back the day before my wedding, which doesn't leave much time for prepping or setting-up.

3) I want my family and friends to enjoy the wedding. Because no matter how lightly you put it, coordinating/ overseeing a wedding IS a full-time job, and they won't be able to have fun if they are so busy working.

4) I want to enjoy my own wedding! There are a million and one things that could crop up at a wedding, and I really didn't want to fret over them on the day.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to fret at all! From repeat-calling the registrar to make sure he arrives on time, to arranging for new seats for guests who turned up without RSVPs (*grunts*), to packing up ALL the deco/ wedding cake/ gifts after the event, paying the different vendors.... We didn't have to lift a single finger. Which I am eternally grateful for! Don't for a second think that you, as a bride, can handle all these things... You won't! Or you could, but you will be one very frazzled, stressed-out bride. :/

In fact, right after the wedding ended, the boy turned to me and said, "That is the best money we have spent on the wedding. I have a newfound respect for people working in the wedding industry now." HAHAHAHA

Anyway, the whole point of this entry is to highly recommend hiring a coordinator-- at least for the day only! It's well worth the money. :) If you don't know where to start looking ('cause I definitely didn't!), you can start browsing the Wedding Planner category on There are so many talented vendors listed there, you will sure to have fun going through them all! :D


I also posted some new items on Boudoir Boudoir:


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Red roses.

Haven't done an outfit post in a gazillion years wtf, so here is one! It also helps that I have been in the mood to dress up recently, hehe.

 photo DSC00396_zps6f466187.jpg
Wore this to a dim sum lunch with the boy's family!

We were actually supposed to go for Ulu Yam mee (ARE YOU INTRIGUED) nearby our place, but the place was closed. T___T Was quite disappointed 'cause I have been craving for carbs since the wedding is over! Serves me right for going on a low carb diet for the wedding wtf.

 photo DSC00398_zps4fdcdd2c.jpg

ABSOLUTELY in love with the print on my skirt!! When I was younger, red was always my favorite color. As I grew older, my color preferences changed to more subdued hues like pastels and white, but one look at this skirt and I am reminded once more why I loved red. It's just so striking and vibrant! Matched this with a pop of red on my lips and I felt very dressy already. :D

 photo DSC00415_zps3b2cb10e.jpg
Wore flats 'cause my feet still hurt from my wedding. T___T

How high are my wedding heels, you ask me?
FIVE INCHES, that's what. T___T

 photo DSC00401_zpsac43328c.jpg

Statement tank with cutout sides: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Red rose print trumpet skirt: AZORIAS
Black diamante necklace: Korea
Black patent slingbacks: Korea
Gold slingbag: Salvatore Ferragamo

I think I am suffering from post-wedding blues wtf. It's honestly so much fun planning a wedding! I find myself still reaching out for my mouse to open Style Me Pretty and to browse ideas and inspirations.

 photo Mywedding_zps84f8395a.jpg

Some of my friends who are planning their weddings have been asking me for advice (photographers, bridal gown, venues etc.), and I always direct them to! The website is clearly defined via categories, Pinterest-style, so it's really easy for you to visualize what certain vendors can produce.

Alternatively, if you want to cut to the chase, you can also browse the site via your color theme, or wedding theme. But I would prefer to browse through the whole site and breathe in all the inspiration la, hehehe.

Haih, speaking of weddings is making me wistful again. Let me go email my photographer and chase for our photos....

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