Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fillet O' Fish?

I made plans with Eunice to cook brunch today, and I was so excited to make my ikan bilis stock soup that I woke up one hour earlier than planned. Yes, I actually sacrificed ONE hour of my beauty sleep just so that I can concoct a delish pot of soup.

Oh God, what is happening to me???!!!!

Hohums. I KNOW it's going to turn out fantastic.

Well, as it turned out, it doesn't take an additional hour to make the soup tasty anyway. So there I was, playing with my food, cutting the vegetables and mushrooms into smaller and smaller pieces, alternating between high and low heat for my precious soup just so that I can see it bubble and froth and die away again, because Ms. Eunice was half and hour late...*raised eyebrow* ;) But anyway, the soup noodles turned out great.. (though it DID sort of resembled porridge, but hey, how I was supposed to know that vermicelli is such a water sucker?? *defensive* Hehe..)

Anyway, there we were slurping away on our yummy soft noodles (god damn vermicelli you), and I was lamenting to Eunice about how expensive fish was when I went to a fish shop yesterday, and she asked me what fish they were.

I told her, I am not sure, I just planned to buy fillet that's all.

And she nodded in agreement, yeah, fillet is a good fish.


"Dear, fillet is not a type of fish..."

"HAH??? You serious??? All along I thought it's a type of fish leh!! Somemore a good type of fish!!"


"No wonder la, I've always wondered how they mix chicken and fillet in chicken fillet sandwiches!!!"


Is this a sign that I should start looking for a new cooking partner?? =p


Anonymous said...

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