Monday, July 31, 2006


I am sick.

I went to bed last night bundled like an Eskimo, with thick socks and a fat ass sweater, shivering although I had my comforter covering every part of me like a corpse.

I think it must have been the drizzle that I ran through in the city yesterday night, especially since it was a freaking cold night. For the first time, I understood the phrase "chilled to the bones". My bones was deduced to an achy existence, and finally, into a dull numbness.

I woke up today, and felt like puking. But instead, I was just regurgitating air out over the basin. Still shivering. Decided to skip my lecture and went back to sleep.

But shite, I have two tutorials now that I absolutely can't miss, for we have marks for participation and attendance.

Wish me luck.


Update: I just look out of the window, and it is raining now!!!



KITMEY said...

girl are you feeling okay??
need some flu med or anything. or ur having fever?

Anonymous said...

awh, you poor thing. better drink lots and lots of warm water to get yourself better. boo to the shitty melbourne weather. =P

revel in me said...

*momo.berry: I am feeling much better now.. :) Did have fever last night though..*sob* But thank you so much for your concern! *hugs* =)

jaclyn: Shitty melbourne weather, but yet you can still run around in spags and all! *jealous* I swear, one day, I'll be strong like you! *flexes muscles* hehe.. :P