Saturday, July 29, 2006

This is what I call a good day

I was rushing to university today, and I met Smalls on the way, and naturally, we walked to our class together. We got so caught up in chatting about, well, just about everything, and when we reached the end of the campus border, we stopped.

"Hey, where is the class ya?"

"Eh, I thought you knew?"

"Hah? I thought you knew!"

Hee, joker. :P


Shopping was on the list today. :)

I have made plans with Kit Mey and Smalls to go to Chadstone, which is the largest shoppong mall in Melbourne, I think. Please don't ask me about logistics nor statistics, I only know that they have lots of great shops, enough to make me go back week after week. ;)

We were reunited with our other Chadstone kaki from last Friday, Victoria, along with Smalls and Victoria's old schoolmate, Jaclyn. Oh my goodness, I so love Jaclyn's dressing, it's so Melbourne!! Have. To. Get. A. Cute. Vest. ;)

Kit Mey and I were supposed to meet the rest at the bus stop, but we reached earlier, and since we had nothing to do, we whipped out our cameras, and started snapping away...

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Kit Mey and I, camwhoring while waiting for the bus.

Errr, there was sort of an incident that occurred while we happily camwhored away. Y'see, the buses that pass by the bus stop that we were waiting at will only stop if you hail the bus. And the thing was, we got so caught up with camwhoring, we sort of, hehe, missed the bus. Smalls, Victoria and Jaclyn just looked at us at as horror from a distance while they were approaching us, as they see the bus that we were supposed to be taking zooming past us carefree-ly.

Cheh, the bus was 3 minutes earlier k. How were we suppose to know it was the bus that we were to take... *super defensive*

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Another camwhore picture. No use crying over missed buses. ;)

(OOoooh, the sunglasses above actually belongs to Kit Mey, I forgot to bring mine!! It was so freaking sunny (bloody Melbourne, supposed to be winter, grr), and Mey was nice enough to offer me her sunglasses! Super glam right? ;) )

In the end, we got our butts to Chadstone anyway.

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Chadstone, or more affectionately known as "Chaddy".

I had a sushi roll before going to Chadstone, but by the time I reached Chaddy, I could feel my stomach screaming of emptiness again. A quick exchange of knowing looks between me and Mey prompted us to start looking for ice cream! :)

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Ooh, lookie, Wendy's!!

(In case you are an ignorant blub, Wendy's is a native Aussie ice cream empire.. :P)

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I screamed for ice cream! :P

I had the Bailey's with scorched almonds, and boy, it was goooooooood. :) Though, to be honest, I couldn't really taste the Bailey's. But oh well, ice cream is ice cream, and a girl's gotta get get her energy up and going before shopping. ;)

I shall skip the boring portions of us conquering the shops, and swiping our cards like mad. But I did managed to get tops for AUD10!! Which is really quite cheap, as they are fancy-mancy tops, sorta like Forever 21 ones... :) But of course, the highlight of the day was when I managed to find a supernovafriggincheappromotion going on in Jay Jays-- AUD15 for 3 tops!!! And they were not mangly fugly tops k, I managed to snag a crinkly white dress shirt, a baby doll top, and a red polka-dotted victorian top. All in my size. :)

Oh, and Jaclyn is such a bad person to shop with! ;) 'Cause she is such a shopaholic, and she was buying jeans just because she "doesn't have jeans in that shade". :P She is really adventurous with clothes too, and I really appreciate that in a girl. Fashion is all about experimenting k? :)

We just stopped suddenly in the middle of the mall and started snapping pictures. ;)

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Took pictures with 3 girls who are all above 5'7.
Such a humbling moment.
Somemore the idiots had to bend lower, while I had to tiptoe.

I had a crazy idea of everyone posing with their purchases.

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Me, Victoria, Mey, Jaclyn and Smalls.

Smalls was like hissing to us, "Guys, let's stop! This is getting embarrassing!"

But of course, we won't let her off the hook so easily. ;)

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Tada! Much better. :P

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My cooking partner dropped by after her classes. :)

After shopping to our heart's content, we embarked on our other mission for the day.

To try out Koko Black.

Koko Black, is another chocolate specialty shop, and from what I gather, would probably be Max Brennners' nemesis. Some people have told me that Koko Black's chocolate drinks are too 'kao', i.e. thick, but nevertheless, we had to judge for ourselves. :)

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Winter Chilli Chocolate. Spicy!!

Jaclyn ordered the Winter Chilli Chocolate, which sounds downright strange. But intriguing. :) Of course, we all asked for a small taste, just to satisfy our curiosity, and Jaclyn gladly obliged. It was really weird!! When the chocolate first land in your mouth, all your tastebuds could sense was the chocolate taste, but as soon as it glides your throat, it leaves a trail of fire!! The heat remains in your throat for a couple of minutes, scary...

Jaclyn, very adventurous of you. ;)

Thankfully, I was a boring old fart as usual, and hey, you could never go wrong with iced chocolate right? ;)

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Iced chocolate with its goodness, ice cream, chocolate sauce and all.. :)

I was quite disappointed with the menu, actually, as there were no other foods available other than the Belgium Spoil (Spoiled?? Gah, hate the name, reminds me of rotten meat for some reason). The Belgium Spoil (Spoiled?) did sound delicious in the menu though, promising a slice of cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, biscotti, and two cubes of fine chocolates. Look at what we got.

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Fucking disappointed. :(

I swear to god, the little teacups my grandnmother used to put on the altar for praying is bigger than the miniscule bowls they used to serve our mousse and chocolate. And the cake was even more pathetic looking. And it tasted dry and parchy. Besides that, the so-called biscotti was as tasteless as paper and as stale as last month's bread.


The iced milkshake too was just so-so, for I am one to believe that true good food will ignite emotions in you, but as I was sucking away on my iced chocolate, I was just going ladidums.

I want Max Brenners. :(

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Everyone again, at Koko Black. I don't think I am ever coming back again.

Oh, and Jaclyn's boyfriend, Lionel came join us at Koko Black after he finished work. We walked around the mall for a little while after Koko Black, 'cause y'know, to ease digestion and all.. ;) And oh my goodness, it was so difficult to watch the couple together. They were really loving, hands held tight, shared whispers, playful chatters, and stolen kisses... I tried not looking at them, but my eyes are just drawn back to the affectionate couple repeatedly.

I want my boyfriend. :(

In the end, we decided to go back to Clayton town for dinner(mind you, Clayton town is a 30 minute walk to campus k), as it was already 8 something, and there were no more buses back to campus from Chaddy; and we would have to take a bus to Oakleigh station, and take a train to Clayton, to catch another bus to get back to the halls anyway.

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Waiting for the train at Oakleigh station.
Smalls and Vic followed Jaclyn and Lionel's car.

We went to Malaysian Gardens at Clayton-- Nasi lemak for me!! :) It was really fun to hang out with Malaysians; somehow it's more comfortable, and it feels more like home. I could use slangs like kena, malu, abu-then, and I wouldn't feel compelled to explain myself. And it feels really good to just spend some girlie time. No pictures were taken, I just realised that, but I guess,
everyone was just so busy scoffing down the yummy dishes that we miss so much back home.

And oh, thank you, Lionel and Jaclyn, for fetching us back to the halls, tampering with the Australian Laws for for bringing more than the allowed number of 5 passengers!! ;)

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This is life. :)


mustardqueen said...

Err...what is it you're holding over there?? HUH????

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahaha, shopping bags, my dear.. :P No need to sound so fierce... I promise, I'll try my very best to get you the jacket! ;)

Anonymous said...

i don't have good clothing sense. but we have to go out again. our day out was soooo fun. =)

revel in me said...

Haha, modesty is overrated!! You do have grrrrreat fashion sense!!:) Wheeee, I would love to go out again!! I had lotsa fun too! :p

Anonymous said...

i love the you blog. so entertaining! hahah. must hang out again again again! =D