Sunday, August 20, 2006

3 Bunnies in the West

You know the game Charades? :)

It's basically one group giving the other group an object or movie or whatever, and one member of the other group will have to act it out for his or her group members to guess what it is, and no speaking is allowed.

Damn fun k, last time in a party in uni, we formed huge groups, and we made a slight twist to the game-- every member of the groups had to participate in the acting.

Toilet bowl was damn funny, wakakaka...

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So, on Friday night, after we surprised Chris for his birthday, we decided to play charades. This was after all of us knocked on his door at 1am at night, and when he opened the door, we undid our bathrobes, and said "Surprise!!!"

Bluff you-lah.

We surprised him with blueberry cheesecake, and sparklers (bunga api, tau? :P) which we had to stomp out 'cause the smoke might set off the fire alarm and sprinklers, in which we didn't have the foresight to think of. :P

Anyway, we decided to bum around in his room, and Smalls suggested that we play Charades. Immediately, all the guys erupted into chants and groans of "So gay wei!!!"

Nevertheless, they obediently join the game after the girls announced that only those who are gay are afraid of appearing gay.

Hee, men and their male egoes. ;)

And, HEE HEE HEE!! Men and Charade. :P

We decided on movies being the category. It is hilarious to watch the guys re-enact the movie names!!!

Lady in the Water
Yen Hao (I am not sure how to spell his name, oopsies) did the grand opening of the game with this movie that the girls chose. The simple thing to do would be to just point at one of the girls to signify the word "Lady", no?


He pointed to his lower regions, and started waving his hand. (I presume, to signify that a lady doesn't have, ahem, male bits. -_-)

The guys started brain-storming!!


"Dick?? Oh, I know, Fun with Dick and Jane!!"

Then, Yen Hao making cupping motions around his chest. (I guess, to signify that ladies have, ahem, lady bits. -_-)


"Breasts? Eh, porn ar?"

Then he took a mineral water bottle and started sitting on the floor, and make pouring motions at himself.

"Bathing?? Shower?"

Haha, no rewards if you guessed that the guys lost the first round. :p

Wild Wild West
I came up with this movie for the boys, thought it'd be pretty difficult to act out.

BUT!!! Mark simply pointed here and there, and by a stroke of luck, the guys managed to guess the word "West"! :(

But they got pretty stumped at the first and second words. ;)

Mark just trashed his arms vigorously above his head, while making ganas faces (I am guessing he wanted to act as a WILD animal), but the flailing of arms really threw the guys off-course.. ;)

"Journey to the West??"

"Lion King!!"

"Horror movie is it???!!"

And as Mark kept on pointing at his index and middle fingers (to signify that the first and second words are the same), finally, we got the ultimate highlight of the game.

"Three bunnies of the West!!!"


The Haunted Mansion
Yen Hao again. To signify the "Mansion" part, he kept on drawing a box...

*fingers moving in a cubic motion*


"Wait, wait, wait, house!!"

Yen Hao nodded excitedly.



He continued to draw a bigger and bigger box.....

And finally, they went back to guessing...


"Big box!!"

Haha, joker-lah. :P

And after we revealed the answer when their time was up, they started berating each other; "Eh, why you draw box???"

"You guessed house what!! I drew bigger and bigger, then OBVIOUSLY it's either bungalow or mansion lah!!!"

And the bickering continued.

Boys will be boys. ;)

Just My Luck
Hard eh, this one? ;)

Yen Hao did really weird hand movements, and he just continued to gesture wildly.

It competely baffled me, but the guys shouted out "Lionheart!!"

More swinging and waving of Yen Hao's arms.

He also punched the wardrobe door really hardly.


Even the girls were totally mystified although we were the ones who came up with the movie!

After the cat was let out of the bag, (aiyo, means we tell them the answer-lah, I'm in a metaphoric mood today), we all asked Yen Hao why he did those funny gestures....

Turns out that they were supposed to guess a computer game which had a character named Lionheart which in turn, when it dies, need to increase its luck. Hence, the completely incomprehensible hand movements.

Walao, so hard to decipher one.

Then what about the punching the door thing???!!

"Supposed to be after you win lottery then you damn happy k?? And when you win lottery means you have luck!!!!"


Besides that, it is obviously proven by the game that men have one-tracked minds!!! Almost every movie that we came up with for them to guess, they managed to guess something to do with sex. Examples included: boob, rape, fuck, gangbang, and so many others that I shall refrain from mentioning here lest my blog comes up tops in a Google search for sex.

And with movies such as Pride and Prejudice, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Freaky Friday and many many more, there were loads of things that the boys said AND did that totally cracked us up, but which I don't really remember, 'cause I am 21, and my brain is starting to fail me.

Moving on. How did we girls do, you asked?

Haha, considerably better than the boys, and definitely with more class. *blows own trumpet* ;) And the funny thing was, everytime when it's the boys' turn to come up with a movie for the girls to guess, they will SURELY say something like, Haha, this'll totally get you; Wakaka, you will never be able to guess this; This is a confirmed stumper...

They said that for Eyes Wide shut.

Smalls pointed at her eyes.

Straightaway, I quipped "Eyes Wide Shut."

Or what about Shanghai Knights?

After I did some punching acts and demonstrating a large nose, which the girls successfully guessed that it was a Jackie Chan movie, within 3 or 4 guesses, we had one point successfully in our pockets.

It, anyone?

All Kit Mey did was do the large nose action, and after a lame attempt of "Jackie Chan!!", we immediately related it to clowns, and voila, we won again!

Of course, we have to give credit to the guys, 'cause they really did get better towards the end of the game; but the most amusing thing was, in the end, it was the boys who were the most excited and gung-ho over the game!!! ;)

Not so gay huh? :P

Anyway, I totally recommend Charades as a fun game to pass time, especially when you don't have any props or cards with you, 'cause, really, all you need is yourself! :)

I have loads to blog about my day yesterday, but unfortunately, I am born to have a lazy soul, so if you'll excuse me, I need to go Google the movie Three Bunnies in the West.


KITMEY said...

Shit. you made me laugh like a mad woman in my room nonstop weh. my goodness gracious! Yeh Hou. Yen Hou!!!! hahahahh.

Grace Tham said...

three bunnies of the west??? @_@ hahaha...

revel in me said...

*momo.berry: My pleasure to bring out that mad woman in you, my dear. :P

grace_t: YEA!! Damn WTF right... ;)

Grace Tham said...

ahahaha quite lo hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl....charades damn fun huh? Can u believe i've only played it once? And first time i met Anth's friends some more, I have to humiliate myself by jumping up and down, and them being guys, as usual, got lot of sex-related movie themes....*smacks forehead*. We should play next time man....can u imagine pri jumping up and down, doing all sorts of actions....I'd pay for that u know!!!

revel in me said...

grace_t: haha, really can die wan, I am telling you. ;)

ran: HAHAHAHA!!! Omigod, I'd kill to see pri act out scenes!! Hahahahahaha... :P