Monday, August 28, 2006

All American Rejects and the Sea of Humans


I am a free woman!!!

I actually survived!!!! :D

Assignment, completed. Presentation, done. Exam, likely failed.

*breathes the air around me appreciatively. The air of freedom!* :P

Hmm, as I am so free (GOD, I just love rolling this word off my tongue!!! :P) now, I am going to blog about the All American Rejects concert that I went to last Saturday!

I know, I know, it's old news already, but can humor me or not? ;)

Disclaimer: I know some of my friends will be horrified at the fact that I went for an All American Rejects concert (music snobs :P), but I swear to god, I am not a fan k!! I just went for the experience... ;)

The concert was at the same day that I went for the footy game. We left early to the city for shopping! ;)

Some sights that we caught at the city...

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This bring the term walking billboards to a new level!

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A wedding at the church!!
Someday I shall get married with a horse and carriage! ;)

Speaking of weddings, as we were leaving the footy stadium, we saw a parade of cars for a wedding!! The bride and groom was in a retro jalopy-like car, and boy oh boy, the bride's gown was GORGEOUS!! Think Mariah Carey in her We Belong Together music video! :)

Don't know why there were so many weddings in the same day ler... Maybe the date was Aussie's equivalent of the Chinese's auspicious day of 8 August? ;)

After some minimal shopping (*coughs*), we met up with Jaclyn near to the venue of the the concert!

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Wow, over 18 only, don't play play...

I was all impressed with the fact that the concert was going to be held at a hotel... Until I found out that the hotel's name was the Corner Hotel.


What kind of name is that for a hotel???

Lo and behold, the hotel was located at, guess where, a corner. -_-

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Corner Hotel at its finest.

I really don't know what's with concerts and dodgy places.

We reached the hotel, and there wasn't really anyone queueing, so we went to grab dinner at an overpriced Vietnamese restaurant for a not-so-special Special Fried Rice.

By the time we went back to the hotel, the queue was FUCKING long, I kid you not. The queue went all around the hotel, and we actually had to line up at some back alley.

It was a bloody cold night somemore, and Ms. Smartypants here only wore spaghetti straps with a jacket. Not enough to beat 13 Celcius, I am telling you.

After burning fats worthy of a baby African elephant, FINALLY, we got in.

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One of the first things that caught my eye...

The stage looked very eerie, no? The ghastly green lights remind me of a cheaply-produced Hong Kong horror film so much. ;)

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T-shirts for sale... These shirts are actually for the opening group, Hello Goodbye. The description for the tees are damn cute! Check it out, magic snail tee, teehee...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A cloak room is where you keep your jackets and any bags that you may not want to carry. Cloak rooms come in handy, especially during cold weathers, and say you wear layers of clothings to a club. I paid AUD2 to keep my shopping bag, which is considered quite reasonable; I've heard that cloak room charges can go up to AUD10.

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Bleah, my arm looks so flabby here.

If you're observant enough, by now, you should noticed that I havn't posted up many camwhore pictures. And that, my friend, is definitely something out of the norm. Y'know why? 'CAUSE I TURNED UP DAMN UGLY IN EVERY SINGLE PICTURE THAT I TOOK THAT NIGHT!! :( :( :(

It's a conspiracy against me, I am telling you.

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Heh, remember the pic I took of the stage? That wasn't the real stage. THIS is.
Erm, those are actually blood red velvet curtains, but the pic damn fail-lah.

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Our rocker chick attempt. Kit Mey succeeded, I cannot make it.

And, yes, we do not understand the meaning of shame. ;)

The concert was supposed to start at 8.30pm, but we got in at 9pm. But ahead of us was a very long wait....

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We got so bored of waiting, we just sat down on the floor, ignoring the funny looks the Aussies gave us.

After god knows forever, the opening group started playing. And by that, I mean about 10pm, grrr. And it was a noisy angsty, raw and young-sounding rock band.

Did nothing for me.

I was too busy falling asleep, as I slept less than a few winks the night before, and I already had a long day prior to that.

Oh, but the opening acts played at the eerie stage! ;)

Oh crap, I just spilled the beans. YES, there were two opening acts. TWO.


After the first opening act, we HAD TO WAIT SOME MORE for the second opening act.


But at least the second opening act was good, it was the band Hello Goodbye. Apparently it is quite a well-known group in Melbourne, and judging from the crowd's response, well-received too. They played poppy alternative rock, and I personally felt that the act was real good! :)

But no pictures though, 'cause the owner of this blog didn't have the foresight to charge her camera, and plus the fact that she took too many nonsense pictures at the footy game, her camera was running on dangerously low battery levels the whole night. Aiya, and 'cause the opening act was playing at the other stage, which was at the other end of the room (we kiasu, we hogged a spot right in front of the actual stage :p), and hence, everyone was blocking me-lah.

After Hello Goodbye finished, we HAD TO WAIT SOME MORE. Leading me to start cracking lame lines like, "All American Rejects, if you don't come out now, I'll reject you ar!!!"

By the time All-American Rejects came out, it was 11plus.

Bloody hell, we waited over 2 hours for the main act to come out.

Even Jaclyn, who has to been to a number of concerts in Melbourne, said that this was a first.

And the moment All American Rejects came out, all hell broke loose.

Remember that this is an over-18 concert?

Prior to the concert, Jaclyn was telling us how lucky that we were going for the above-18 one, as she has been to concerts for 18-and-below, and it was havoc there. Subsequently, we discussed about how civilised people are in Melbourne during concerts.


Pushing, shoving, jumping, stepping on feet, poking, jabbing....

It was a mosh pit, for god's sake.

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This picture does no justice to the amount of hands raised in the air.
(There was simply no space for me to actually catch a wider perpective of the crowd)

It was so packed, and everyone was just pushing to the front. It was a literally a sea of people. I had this REALLY gung-ho Aussie girl next to me, and she was waving her hands up all the time. The problem is, when you put your hands up in the air in vigourous movements in a constrained space, you tend to hit the people next to you.

I got punched in the face numerous times.

I got socked at my jaw.

I got hit at my gums. MY GUMS!!!

It was so cramped, that I felt I was molested 100 times over.

I was jabbed and prodded everywhere.

And the ultimate was when I got elbowed at this vulnerable spot at the side of my head, which left me lightheaded for awhile. I even had to ask myself questions in my mind to test that I didn't get amnesia.

But you know what?

It was fun. :P

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Lead singer, whatsisname.

It was so cramped, that I, was essentially controlled by the crowd. I found myself swaying left and right, front and back as the crowd moves. There was this time whereby I leaned to the side at almost 90 degrees, but I still didn't fall, 'cause it was that cramped!! And even if you don't jump along with the crowd, you'll still find youself jumping away like a mad hare. This is 'cause when people jump, you get mobbed into jumping too!!

I even completely let myself go slack, and just let myself swing to and fro like a pendulum... I didn't fall at all!! ;)

Really a whole lot of fun, I found myself grinning (hence why people could get me on my gums) like a lunatic... I was just so amused! :P

Wahahaha, we Move Along with the people! ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Enjoy the pretty hues. :)

Nevertheless, the show was a letdown. The music was not bad, the band played well live, but there wasn't much interaction, and the worst thing was, they stopped playing after 6?7? songs.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And sorry that the pics turned out so lousy... It's kinda hard to take good pictures when:

1) Your camera's battery levels are low, hence you're afraid to switch it on for the fear that it'll just give up on you.

2) When there's absolutely no space for you to raise your hand up to capture a decent picture.

3) And when you actually get your hand up there, everyone is jumping so much that your hand wobbles and your pictures end up being blurry.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


4) You forget that your camera has a zoom-in function.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Much better. :)

And with grumbles (the band played for less than an hour!! Conmen!!) and bruises on our bodies, the night ended.

And with that, all I had left for the night was a blurry entrance stamp....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And fun memories of my first mosh pit. :)

Oh, and a lower IQ (all the punchings in the head).


priya said...



OMG!!! Hee. Lucky I wasn't there then - would've gotten you more bruises =P

Melisa said...

wow! The wedding dress looks beautiful!!! hehehe

revel in me said...

priya: Haha, very funny now la is it.. I am so dragging you to our next mosh pit!! We can see who give the other more bruises! ;)

melisa: Errr, but I thought the pic of the bride is kinda blur? ;)

Melisa said...

u agak agak also know mah! hahahahahahahahaha