Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All work no play? All play is hard work. :P

All work and play makes hui wen a very dull girl indeed.

I did alot of work last week okay.

I did all my tutes (halfway through, but counted one-lah.)

I changed my bedsheets.

I went for cooking class.

I went for my first jewellery-making class.

I did my laundry.

I...I.. I went for lectures..?

Anyway, the point is, I did alot of work (and don't you dare controverse with my logic, grr), and hence, according to ying and yang and balance and all that shit, I had to play alot!! :D


Notts is a Monash tradition. Notts, comes from the name Notting Hill, and it's a dinghy pub that Monashians embraced lovingly every Thursday. That said, for a pub in tbe surbubs, it is really not that dinghy after all. ;) Notts last thurday was really a last minute thing; Kit Mey, who has never been to Notts before, was the one who called me at the evelenth hour and coerced me to go.

We were quite lucky, as Kit Mey actually found someone to fetch us there, as opposed to the last time I went, and I had to walked to the place which was half an hour away, bloody hell. Trust me, walking in the dark in the middle of the night during winter is no joke.

Joon was the kind fella who fetched us there, and as we were scrambling into the car, two fellow Aussies students came up to him and asked him whether they could hitch a ride to Notts along with us; and Joon, being the kind soul that he is, told them, yeah, of course.

They came with us in the boot.

It was super funny k!! :P 'Cause the girls all sat behind, and we could hear the two guys talking in the boot... "OWW, what was that for?" "Hey man, what did I just touch??" "It is kinda dark here, isn't it.." On one hand, we were so worried bout whether they could breathe and stuff, but on the other hand, it was just so freaking hilarious that we kept on bursting into giggles. But don't worry k, the Notts is only about 5-10 minutes drive away! =p

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One of the guys who came in the boot. He's proud of his yoga skills. ;)

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We camwhored a bit outside of Notts while waiting for Joon to go on a second round to fetch the other people.

Guess who we saw at Notts!! Jac and Lionel!! I really didn't expect to see them there... :)

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Me, Jac, Joon and Kit Mey.

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Kit Mey and I, with yummy cocktails... Passion something or other.. ;)

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Joon and Lionel. Just call them posers.

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From left to right: Me, Wilson, and Meng Sang. Engineering geeks, hehe. :P Wilson's favourite word is NOOB!!! *shakes head in despair*

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I think they were playing some drinking game, but either way, the outcome was that Kit Mey had to finish half a jug of beer!! Poor thing, girls and beer just don't mix.

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You have got to take your hats off for this chick man, she prances around during winter in spaghetti straps! :P

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Stupid Kit Mey went and take a picture of me while I was yawning, and I tried so hard to contain the yawn in!! Look at the double shin I have... *emo emo*

Notts was notthing fantastic that night, ha ha ha ha ha, I shock myself with my wit sometimes, but like I said, after some time, watching drunk people break glasses just loses its novelty after a while. We wanted to dance, but the dance floor was so packed that you can't even shuffle around. And I didn't fancy having someone's crotch pushed up against me, thank you very much. I did wanted to drink more, we actually had fine plans to get more vodka and baileys at the start of the night, but I did promise the boyfriend that I won't drink so much, and on top of everything, we were all broke; so in the end, I just had to suffice myself with my one miserable glass of cocktail. We left at around 1 o'clock, as almost everyone had early classes the following morning... I think we are getting old.. :(

But hope is not lost, we will be going to Dooiley's, another pub near Monash, SOON!! :D

Shopping Getaway

Like I mentioned so many times before again and again, Sundays are always city days! ;) This time, we went armed with an honorable cause--to get Eunice a dress for our ball on this Thursday!

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Lunch in the city.
(From left to right: Joleen, oh-my-goodness-I-am-so-sorry-I-didn't-catch-your-name, Joel, Totti(nickname-lah), Kit Mey)

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Amidst the hustle and bustle, we strived on with picture-taking...

We ate at a little deli, and we were seated outside, next to the street. The cool breeze blowed through our hair, and with horses and carriages trotting along the street, Kit Mey commented that the environment was so nice, and how we don't have something like that back in Malaysia.

"Got what, Bintang Walk."

"EEeeeeEE!!! I don't like Bintang Walk... Not the same lah.."

"Same what, also sit at the roadside and people watch..."

And then, then and there, almost everyone came to the same conclusion simultaneously-- Bintang Walk's pollution, can die wan. -_-

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On the tram to Bridge Road with Joleen, my new gila partner, who's so sporting and funny, she cracks me up. :)

We went to Bridge Road again, as Bridge Road supposedly has alot of shops which carry formal dresses. Nevertheless, there was a slight conflict, as Eunice actually wanted to get a corset top to go with pants, as, according to her, "I'm not feminine type lah, dresses don't suit me." By the time we got to Bridge road, it was already 2pm plus, and the stupid shops in Melbourne close at 5pm, argghh!! To find the perfect dress in 2 hours, somemore one that fits into the budget... Needless to say, stress levels were high... ;)

I accompanied Eunice for her quest for the perfect dress, whereas the others went shopping by themselves. I didn't mind tagging along with Eunice, for I was at Bridge Road just last weekend to look for a dress for myself, so I knew fairly well where to go... In addition to that, I love to help people dress up, and all my friends know how much I love dishing out fashion advice... ;) But then, I had to embarked on our dress conquest only after I bought five bags...*shy* But to be fair, two of them were for my sisters!!! *defensive mode* ;) Everyone gave me looks of disbelief, and some even shook their heads in pity, haha.. I've seen the shop in Japan before ler, and then, the bags cost about RM200 plus, and now, all of them are 70% off!!!! HOW TO RESIST LAH????

Check out Accessorise's website, salivate and let's together hold hands and sing songs about how blessed I am. :P

We weaved in and out of every shop along Bridge Road, and we were getting pretty gloomy... Firstly, all the dresses were really pricey--mostly about AUD200 and above; too, too expensive... Secondly, Eunice was getting discouraged, 'cause she was convinced that she looks horrible in dresses; and as for myself, I was getting disheartened, 'cause Eunice is so friggin skinny!!! Must stop befriending people who wear size 6, hee. :P

But finally, thanks to my inspiration and insisting (muahaha), we found the perfect dress for her!! :) Eunice loves the dress so much that I won't be surprised if she wears it to sleep and write poems about it. :P I have some pictures that I took in the fitting room of her in the dress, but I shan't spoil the surprise now k? ;)

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Me, Kit Mey, Eunice. I made sure that the picture won't capture my shopping bags. ;)

After that, we "trammed" back to the city to meet up with everyone else, and some of the guys wanted to go to Crown Casino. But in the end, we decided that everyone is too tired and broke, and partly 'cause I didn't wear my red undies for luck, haha. But it was okay, 'cause we had Thai food as reimbursement! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The colorful Thai restaurant we went to... Doesn't it remind you so much of a kindergarden? :P

By the way, the name of the restaurant we went to is Ying Thai 2, which I thought was very strange indeed.

When we ordered our food, the waitress asked us, how spicy did we want our food to be. Eunice happily quipped, "Make it very very very very very very hot! As hot as you can!" The waitress was a picture of raised eyebrows. ;)

Thai food was really good!! :) We typical Malaysians really enjoyed having my tongues burnt down by all the chillies... ;) And after a "hot" meal, we decided to douse our inner fires with... GELATO!! =) The shop which is serves the best gelato in town, Freddo, was just two shops away from Ying Thai 2. :)

(By the way, people in Melbourne don't really take ice cream, they take gelato... But it is just AS GOOD!=) )

I was being greedy, and I wanted to order a double scoop.... Until I checked out what a single scoop looks like!!

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Damn freaking big, can? And you can get two flavors for a single scoop anyway! :)

I had cookies and cream, and Roche, which is made from Fererro Rochelle!! :) I was quite sceptical of the flavor at first, 'cause I am not a big fan of nuts, but I fel compelled to try it as it was one of the recommended flavours... SO NICE!!! So milky and smmoth and yummy!!! :)

Before long, we were all high from the sugar rush and laughing like total idiots... Everyone was just looking at us with the "kids-nowadays" look. :D And the highlight of our gelato session was when Kit Mey's scoop of gelato actually dropped off and hopped across the table!! And she, with the amazing reflexes actually reached over the table and grabbed the flying scoop!! A true Matrix moment.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We were trying to take a picture of us with our tongues sticking out to lick the gelato, but the cone was so huge it competely blocked our tongues! ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Second attempt. At least can see Kit Mey's tongue-lah. *dejected sigh*

We laughed so much till our stomachs hurt, but being the reassuring soul that I am, I told everyone that it is good for us, for it builds abs! ;)

Heehee, and I also went for Jason Mraz's concert yesterday!! So so so good! More updates later! :D

Lots of play makes hui wen a very happy person! :)


Sue Lin said...

Why am i still in Malaysia??? =( Hahah

KITMEY said...

i didnt finish that beer!! i drank equivalent to half a glass only. im not gona drink anymore *sticks out tongue*

Anonymous said...

you're suppose to take pictures of what you bought so i can see! =)

Grace Tham said...

hey dear, looks like you'rea having tons of fu in melb.. i wanna go too!!! ahahas now got more motivation to get into rmit :D jewelry making class? coolness.. taknig it with xahra?

revel in me said...

Sue Lin: Then get your butt here!! :P I'll bring you to all the nice and fun places! Promise. :P

*momo.berry: Hee, the beer in the jug seemed like damn alot la... :P Nevermind, it'll be our little secret k, we pretend that you actually finished the whole jug, and everyone will be impressed. SHHHhhHH. ;)

jac: Yes, my mighty blog dictator, I shall heed your instructions. SOON! =p

grace_t: Yeah, babe, I'm having lotsa FU in melb..:P Err, I am taking the jewellery-making class by myself... I've always wanted to take up things like that back home.. So many other things I want to try out.. Dance! Photography! Writing! *wheee*

anonymous: Hey, that was a cool $$$ site that you recommended there, but unfortunately I am always a little weary of the cyberworld. Thanks anyway! :)