Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bimbo Post. Stay Away.

Please do not stereotype me as a dumb blonde who posts frivalous posts about the things that she bought.

Though that's exactly what I am going to do.


My friends(namely Smalls and Jac :P) have been bugging me to post up pictures of The Famous Five; or should I say the infamous five bags that I got at one go in one shop last Sunday. *meek voice*

And I thought, well, since my sisters also havn't saw the bags that I got them, why not! :)

Feast your eyes....

Bag 001
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I say....

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What a pretty little bag...

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For this little lady! :)

This bag is for my littlest sister, and I don't know why, the moment I set my eyes on it, it only struck me to get it for her, and I didn't even think of getting it for myself. Noble to the max, yo! :P

Bag 002
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Jing likes them....

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And more pink! :D

My shopping counterpart back home loves small bags that can never fit anything into it... *recalls fondly* :) And she never says no to pink! ;)

Bag 003
And now for my bags! :)

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Clutches are the new totes...

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Clutch me, baby...

Clutches are oh-so-important for girls night out, clubbing, posh functions, and any event where you want to appear glam. Or fun if you have a funky clutch. Or girl-next-door if you have a sweet-looking one. Or rock-ish if you have a punk-y one. You get my drift.

Say no to drugs, but don't say no to clutches! ;)

Bag 004
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Funky? Quirky? Loud?

I got this bag 'cause I am a big fan of bright colors,and I am also a firm believer in statement pieces... This bag can so brighten up a simple ensemble of white tee and jeans! :) Precisely 'cause of that, I appreciate how it can look dressy but can look just as at home worn casually. =)

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Bask in the details. please... :)

Bag 005
As much as I sing high praises for the other bags, I think this is one of the bags that would be most worth my ka-chings. A roomy tote, it is perfect for uni, meaning that I would use it much much often as compared to the other bags. I love tassels, I am such a gaudy freak, hee, but I really do; and I absolutely adore the giant embroidery there-- pwetty! :)

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Say hi to Alice, my new bag... ;)

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Alice is a happy bag! =p


The best part is, each of these bags cost me less than AUD20!! Considering that a meal in Aussie costs around AUD10, I wold say it's a steal!! *syok sendiri cackle*

Hallelujah to sales! :P


Anonymous said...

Lol... =P

Your darling Sam =)

Anonymous said...

*screams loud loud*

BAGS BAGS BAGS! *twinkle in the eye* I love them all. Heck, it's so friggin' cheap that you should get me one every month so by the time you're back, I'll have FOUR! *self-satisfied grin* =DD Pink heaven! *beams*

PS: Eh, I look horrible in that pic la but at least I don't look fat! *tee-hee* ;P

revel in me said...

Sam: Yor, why you say I am mad ler... :P

jing: YEA YEA YEA!! The bags are freaking cheap aren't they!! *freaking happy plus proud plus high* ;) Hee, nice try there, buy one bag each month..*sticks out tongue*=p I'll see what I can do about buying pretty things for you guys la.. :)

PS: Ceh, not appreciative one you, I purposely chose a pic that YOU looked good in, although I feel that I looked ugly in the pic! :P

Sue Lin said...

Wow! u really BLOG A LOT! Its fun to read ur blog but i'm soo busy with assignments! cant keep up! Will comment again after actually reading ur post! =P

Sue Lin said...

NICE bags! =) And u write so well no one would dare call u bimbo =)

Grace Tham said...

OMG girl... 5 bags *faints* hahah and you still dare to tell me that the shopping in melb isn't chun enough ahaha *syok* la i can't wait to go shopping there too!! *whee*

revel in me said...

Sue Lin: Heehee, I don't really blog alot, just that I take hellalot of pics! ;) And thank you so much for the compliment..*awww* :)

grace_t: Haha, fine la fine la..*grudgingly* Shopping here isn't too bad... But only if you've loadsa cash!! *sniff* And the bags that i bought were darn cheap k! :P