Friday, August 25, 2006

Crabmeat, a dog and jumps.

I am blogging 'cause I am suffering from study block.

Erm, it's a damn serious ailment k, cannot cure one.

Furthermore, it comes with serious consequences. (Like, failing my mid-terms)

Lalalalalalalalalalalalala *shushes the tiny voice in my head*

Anyway, here are some random pictures I took eons ago, when I went down to the city to visit muh babe--zahra, hee.

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Slurp, tempura, slurp.

I have been craving for Japanese food for ages, and I finally got my dose at the food court. ;)

Look what we found at the pet shop!!!

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Can I bring it home, pwease????

Cute until can die!!! :)

Zahra is taking Imagery classes, and she had to take pictures for her assignment ("Urban Landscapes"). So, throughout the day, the moment anything catches Zahra's eyes, we would have to suddenly stop and she would start snapping away... For instance, we went on the escalators twice for her to catch a good shot. ;)

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I took a picture of Zahra taking a picture.

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An example of what caught her eye... :)

I am sure your end-product would turn out great, dear! =)

After cinnamon rolls, chocolate sauce and a wee bit of shopping, she brought me back to her apartment...

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It looks even better in real life, like a quirky array of drawers!!! :D

Damn nice k, her place; like a 5-star hotel. I want to move out too. :(

And a picture before I went home...

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I used to play hopskotch with my sisters all the time. I'd steathily steal kapur (chalk) from the classrooms, and excitedly scribble on the porch. So many nights, we were bathed under the lights from the streetlamps, happily jumping away.

That is, until my dad comes home, and parks at the porch, right on top of our squares.


I am not sure about you, but to me, a simple picture like that, brings to mind of gaily laugter and joyous innocence.

Wokies, enough reminiscing, gotta get my butt off to studying! :P

Update: I'd kill for a plate of nasi lemak now!!!


Grace Tham said...

you would kill me if i psoted up a photo of nasi lemak ayam wouldn't you?? ahahaha oh btw i just got an offer from Melbourne Uni!!! *whee* haha not sure if taking it up yet but la la la .. :D which campus r u in ah?

Grace Tham said...

eh ter-type wrong! *oopes* Monash Uni i mean hehehe whoooooopppppps ;p

Blurry D said...

hey... Jason Mraz Rocked man!!! How are you??? We should hang out sometime..Anyways,how is Zahra..hehe she came the same time as me but i never got to meet up with her...

Adrian K.

revel in me said...

grace_t: Wow, woohoo!!! :P I am at the clayton campus!! :) What course did you get an offer for?=)

PS: Yes, I WILL kill you if you taunt me with nasi lemak. ;)

blurry_d:Haha, she's fine!! Quick, let's go out! ;)

Grace Tham said...

*hee* nasi lemak *nyams* mm i got offered for interior architecture at the caufield campus isit far?

Grace Tham said...

ooh btw.. say hi to thean aik for me! ahah didn't know you knew him too... he was my classmate in SAM at taylors :D

revel in me said...

grace_t: Caulfield is very near to my campus!!! Like, 20 minutes away! And they have a free intercampus shuttle bus all day long, so it'd be real easy for us to commute and see each other!! *dramatic love music starts playing* :P Oh, and Caulfield is actually nearer to the city, as compared to Clayton..:(

Woohoo, so are you considering Monash then? ;)

And hee, if I see Thean Aik, I'll say hi for you!! But most likely it'd be Saturday, 'cause sometimes we do groceries together! :)

Melisa said...

oohh...please dont mention nasi lemak. Somemore, now it's dinner time. haha

Grace Tham said...

hehe yeah sorta considering it but see how la.. not sure yet.. waiting to see how the other applications go :) la la la.. do you know much bout the caufield campus??

revel in me said...

melisa: Haha.. I've been torturing myselg with the image and taste and aroma of nasi lemak for days!!! You shall be subjected to the same fate as me!! *evil laugh* :P

grace_t: When would you hear from the other unis?=) Hmm, Caulfield is like the 2nd happening Monash campus, heehee, 'cause Clayton is the oldest campus la... And Caulfield has alot of business and communication students...More towards humanities side... It's smaller compared to Clayton, but like I mentioned before, a very attractive feature is that it is much nearer to the city... Actually, alot of my friends are studying in Caulfield! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe....can I just mention, I had nasi lemak today? *yum yum*....and i'm gonna have more this week... *yay me* =D (oh, also want kuey teow, satay, laksa & many many more...hee)

revel in me said...

ran: WOMAAAANNN!! How can you do this to me!!! I am your best friend!!!

Grace Tham said...

ooh haha soon soon not sure when i'll confirm things *whee* mms i ahd nasi lemak today too *hee* *runs away from hui wen*