Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gollum says, My precious.

I have mentioned that I joined jewellery-making classes, haven't I? ;)

Well, so far, classes have been okay, though I feel that progress is kind of slow. But then again, I've always had this problem with wanting to fly before I can even walk.

I don't believe in baby steps.

I want to leap, to jump, to soar.

Hence, I decided to embark on a little project of my own.

Started and finished in the same night. :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think I am kinda proud. :)


Anonymous said...

*shakes pom-poms* woo hoo! woo hoo! cantik, lawa!


Anonymous said...

eeeeekkk, i want, i want!!! it's time to put your skills to good use, say, making a pair of earrings for me. =P

revel in me said...

xahra: hee..*shy* Hey, babe, if it wasn't for you, I would NEVER had started,I seriously have you to thank, man... =)Thank you, zahra dear... I am so grateful for that little push you gave me... :)

jac: Haha, don't flatter me lah, skill pulak, I was just dabbling in this little growing interest of mine.. :) Oh,and if there's anything you have in mind, just tell me k, I'll see what I can whip up! ;)

mizzvickz said...

YAY i know that hui wen is a very veryyyyyyyy NICE friend :) :) :)
la la la la la la

mizzvickz said...

and btw, i think that it's really nice. forgot to add it in my previous comment. . . hehe

since i have no money to learn, u could transfer some of ur jewellery making knowledge over to me :P

revel in me said...

*ignore hint*


Hehe, it's not that difficult actually! =) Or, you could tell me what you'd like, I'll see what I can do.. :)