Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am leaving on a MAS plane...

It has been exactly one month since I've been in Melbourne.

Funny, how time flies. I remember, my first week here, time just didn't pass by quickly enough. Each day seemed to feel like an eternity, and each day, I willed every moment to whiz past... All I wanted was to go home.

Things havn't changed that much. Home is still, home, for me. But now, I don't wake up dreading how excruciatingly slow my day will pass for the following day to arrive. I skip on the long pathway all the way to university. I concoct dishes to cook every night. I enjoy sifting through my wardrobe to look for new things and ways to layer my clothes. I say hi to random strangers, and they greet me back. I gorge on yummy Aussie chocolates like my life depended on it. I bounce happily on my bed with its bright flowery comforter whenever I take a breather. I appreciate the fact that TimTams are always a Coles away. I make new friends everyday.

Melbourne isnt' home, but it is somewhere that I can build memories and experiences on, and I ain't going to waste the opportunity.

Looking through some pictures taken on the day that I left...

Note: Please do pardon the extreme bad shape I am in in the pictures, the sallow skin, the puffy eyes... Cried so much before I left... :(

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Dinner with my family before leaving for the airport. Hee, saw my sister aiming the camera at me, hence, the narcissistic pose. :P

Dinner was exceptionally difficult. Every kind word from my family or my boyfriend threatens to trigger off my tearbuds all over again. I keep on telling myself, "Don't cry, don't cry, you've cried enough already", but the sight of the people I love, the fact that they won' be around me, washed over me again and again, and before I knew it, tears were spilling over my eyes again. All I wanted to do was to cling on to someone and beg them, please, don't let me go, let me stay here with you all...

I had a dinner of rice with 6 dishes, alongside with tears seasoning.

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Mummy and I... :)

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Erm, one last poser pic before I go? ;)
(LOOK at the "raised-eyebrow I don't know her man" look on the boyfriend's face!!! *hmmph*)

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Yeye and Mama (aka grampa and granny)
I think this is one of the pictures that betrayed my puffy red eyes the most.

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My idiot of a sister had to take this picture-lah. Traitor!

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My annoying brother. He didn't go to the airport with us 'cause he had homework.
I suspect he wanted to play PS2. -_-

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At the airport...Teeny and Jing, my lovely sisters *muahks* :)

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A couple of people called me in the airport, each one opening the floodgates all over again...

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Thank you, guys, for sending me off....*BIG BEAR HUG* :)

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Taken just before I had to check in...

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I forced my sisters to put on sad faces, 'cause like, duh, the most inspirational person in their lives are leaving! Muahaha.. =p

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My sister and I, dabbing at the tears that flowed freely... :(

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Don't cry, baby.. Four months is gonna fly...

(Ignore the fact that my butt looks like pork lard now, I am warning you.)

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I love you, baby...

Home is still home, and it is waiting for me. :)


Anonymous said...

looking at your pics makes me want to cry too. gosh, i remember leaving k.l with a broken heart. *sniff* but thank god i love melbourne now or else i'll be crazily home sick. time will past babe, and till you leave for kl, u have me to entertain u =P

Anonymous said...

Whoa, its been ONE MONTH alrdy? And you'll be back in 3 really flies huh? Just wondering, how does pork lard look like? Hehe....Glad that you're enjoying Melbourne soo much, knew you would..hehe....honestly though, KL's still home huh? For me KL isnt much home now, then again, Dublin isnt it either....strange...must go contemplate this revelation....anyhoos, u keep having fun okay...
P.S I look hot in those pics....heeeee =D

watthehuh said...


revel in me said...

jaclyn: Yeah, looking through the pictures really tugged at my heart strings.. :( and aww... No sniff sniffs allowed! *gives you hug* we are all a happy melbourne family now, arn't we? ;)

ran: WOMAN, -_-
Haha, must lah puji yourself hot. :P

Weird eh, that time passes by so quickly... For me, KL is still home... Too many pieces of me are left there.
Must tell me your conclusion of the revelation ya! =p

PS: Pork lard = ugly fatty. :(

whatthehuh: Yoyoyo! :P