Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rain on me

It has been raining all day long, a cold and miserable day. :(

My umbrella was my most trustworthy accessory.

Hence, how could I resist camwhoring with my new prop? :P

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Ignore the messy hair, Melbourne winds SUCK.

Haha, and while I was shamelessly taking pictures of myself in front of my halls, an old lady passed by, and she gave me real funny looks.

Sorry lady, I really would have liked to invite you to join me. Hee.

And this is me sticking out my tongue at you if you do not approve of me camwhoring ala tak tau malu.

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You suck too.

Oooh, speaking about rain, I saw a quote about rain yesterday... If you want the rainbow, you've got to take the rain too.

And another nice one that Small told me about!!! Some people walk in rain, some just get wet.

Don't you just feel all inspired and ready to take on the world now????

I sure am ready to take on some rain puddles!!! *skip skip skip* :P


On a side note, every few days of the week, there'd be vendors selling various things on our campus, from books, to jewellery, to eggs even. As rain was cheerfully tumbling down the whole day, almost all the stalls weren't open today.

On my way home, I saw one of the very few stalls that were open, a flowers stall, and really, business was awful, 'cause everyone was either running to shade or hiding under big fat umbrellas. Hence, I thought I'd do a good deed, and I bought flowers from the stall! :)

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Myriads of blooms. Mosaic of colors. :)

I feel so happy when I see the flowers in my room, so colorful and bright! :)

Oh, and a thought just struck me, this is the first time I bought flowers for myself!! I am such a grown-up already. Sniff.

And a sobering thought... See the gerberas in the bouquet? The boyfriend used to buy me gerberas all the time. :(

*takes a look at the flowers...* Yay!!! *happy back* :D

A burst of colors, really, is all you need in life. :)


Anonymous said...

damn the flowers look really good. ill go get a bunch for myself next week.shessh.damn sad...learn from u! whahaha!

revel in me said...

smalls: Now like that la, learn from me means very sad!!!

*does slow churning motion, for L(for LAME) to form with my fingers*

Neh neh neh neh neh!! Learn from you one!! *sticks out tongue* =p

Anonymous said...

yee.....ur umbrella so pretty!!!!

revel in me said...

ting: Haha, what-lah you woman, you were there when I bought it what!!! ;)

*twirls my umbrella hyperly in front of you, while wriggling my eyebrows* :P