Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Birds will chirp, and flowers will bloom

In 12 hours.

In case you're wondering why I have been MIA for so long, nopes, I hav'nt fell of the face of the planet.

I just have a Law assignment due tomorrow, along side with a major group presentation.

My Law assignment is like shit, no, not because I don't know how to do it, but I don't know how to cram all that I want to say into 3,000 words!!!

Even my Law tutor said that she can easily think of 10,000 words to write for our assignment. -_-

And my presentation, (please don't scoff just 'cause it's oral work), it's based on a 3,000 words case study, which I hav'nt completed, let alone prepared cue notes, rehearsed, or timed myself.


All these would be over and done with in 12 hours' time. I should be done by then.

In 12 hours' time, a stack of freshly printed assignment would be on my table, next to a pile of messily scribbled cue notes.

THEN, I can start to look forward to my ball on friday. And my term break next week.

Never mind that I've an assignment to submit during my break, and another one due right on the Monday after my break.

12 hours.

I can do it.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing...so much work to do huh? Hav fun at ure ball..how come u guys have so many balls huh? Remember to post pics up okay...=)

Anonymous said...

we can be feeerrr-rieeendddssss feeerrrr0rieeeendddsss. i have an assignment due on my break too. nonsense, monash! yay, ball on friday. can't wait to see all you hot chicks! *flying kiss*. don't laugh if i look fat in my dress! the weighing scale has indicated an increase in my weight. so boohoo!! and clubbing afterwards!! yay, more reason to burn calories! wheeee. okay, back to my assignment. *sniff*

Melisa said...

go gurl! u can do it! hehehe

revel in me said...

ran: *brushes lint off my shoulder* Guess who's a free woman now huh.. Hee..:P Oh, we have so many ball here 'cause the balls are organised by societies!!! =p (damn different from back home right, took me awhile to get use to too... How're balls like in Ireland? :) )

jaclyn: GAH, we are under the same terrible fate!!?? What the %#$*@ is wrong with monash anyway? Grrr.
Haha, y'know what, I am so not prepared for the ball!!! I don't even have shoes for it!! But it's ok, WE WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN, and that's what that matters!! :D

PS: How are we getting there ar? =p

melisa:Thanks dear! :) I DID IT ALREADY!!! *breams in pride*

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, its the same here....all the societies have their own balls...and then they have nights out at clubs etc...but I am to broke lah, coz everythign has a charge you know...glad ure free dear..will try to chat wit u when ure online okay...take care *hugs*