Monday, September 04, 2006

Crown me, I am a princess.

Yup, I finally went to Crown Casino yesterday! :)

Equipped with high spirits and red panties.

And I lost AUD35!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened to beginner's luck and all that???!!! @#$%&*#@!!!!


The day didn't started off that well. We were suposed to take the 11.40am bus to the city. At 11.30am, I called Smalls, and I woke her up. -_- Subsequently, she decided to take a raincheck on our outing, and Kit Mey, upon hearing that, followed suit too.
I was in a dilemma, as I felt it was a little pointless to go with so little people, but yet, I really wanted to go out and have some fun.

Fun always triump, of course. ;)

As I was sitting in the bus, amidst the laughing and kidding away, I knew I made the right decision. :)

The day started off with some cow's tongue.

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At a Japanese restaurant-- try it before you say no! ;)

Now, before you belch and shriek in terror, do hear me out. I usually try to avoid beef, and trust me, I'd recoil in disgust at the idea of eating some slimy gray tongue. Heck, I was such a big chicken that I ordered some gyoza ramen instead of the cow's tongue, although it was pretty obvious that it was the house specialty. But with Joleen and Nikki's raving reviews, I felt compelled to at least give it a try.

At least a try.

It tastes like thinly sliced pork fried with ginger, very, very tasty!!! :)

In fact, so tasty that I think I am going to order the whole dish for myself! (if you know how much I have a phobia of organs and all that, you'd understand how delicious it is! :P)

After that, it was spring shopping... :)

Yeps, spring is here!! :) The weather now is simply lovely-- Sunny, and breezy/windy. The perfect weather to laze on grassy lawns, and well, to put a spring into your step! :P

Needless to say, I need to arm myself with appropriate spring clothes for this beautiful season!! ;)

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I managed to catch this picture of Joleen, Nikki and Totti simultaneously offering me their Boost. ;) Boost is a renown health juice bar in Melbourne, slurp! :)

Before we went to Crown, we went for a little LOTF treat....

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My precious....

I've tried Lord of the Fries when my dad was with me in Melbourne, and trust me, they live up to every bit of their claim of "Best fries in town"! :)

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The gluttons digging in without waiting for the photographer...

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Nikki decided to take matters into her hands, and enticed me into the picture with a yummy fry... ;)

SEE???? It's freshly cut fries (with a little potato skin somemore!), drenched in brown gravy with melted cheese!! We were all moaning in delight as we munched on the heavenly strips. ;)

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Oh my goodness. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???

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I had a string of cheese stuck on my face while the picture was taken!! -_-

The view on the way to Crown....

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Melbourne city.

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I *think* this is the South Yarra river, hee.

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Touristy picture, with un-known river (to me).

And just as we were warming up to cam-whoring, it started drizzling!!!

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Running across the bridge, to a safe haven...

And the moment the picture above was snapped, it started raining crazily!!!

EEEEeeesh, I should have taken it as a bad omen for gambling la. :(

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Melbourne, she looks gloomy and miserable in the rain.

We hid at a corner of a building, for shelter from the rain.

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Like the refugees we were.

The moment the rain eased a bit, we decided to take our chances and run for our lives to Crown!!!

The things we do for gambling. o_O

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Bloody conmen.

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Crown in full glory.

We went to the toilet to freshen up a bit. Absolutely imperative, as we looked like wet dogs.

The toilet is damn nice, can!!!

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With a crystal pillars greeting you the moment you step in, it is a magnificent galore of smooth mahogany walls and lush interior. And the toilets are so spacious!!!

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Hello, stranger.

Yep, I took pictures with toilet stalls. ;)

And with that, it's the end of pictures of my day.

'Cause the casino doesn't allow picture-taking inside!! *sob sob sob*

Anyway, Nikki and Joleen was reminding me to show my IC upon entering to the casino, and that was when Nikki commented, ya-lah, you sure kena asked to show IC one.

????!!!!???? What the?? I am 21 k!!! And they're only 20 this year. -_-

Then they went on further to remark that I don't even look 18 (the minimum age for casino entrance here).

*sounds of heart breaking*

And they said I look like a small kid....


*starts breaking tables and chairs in rage*

Hehe. By the way, we went into the casino safely, kiddy or not. ;)

Oh god, I am just so depressed that they didn't allow cameras!! It's a whole new world in there man...
Three levels of coloful gadgets and velvet tables to tempt you to place your bets, I would have had so much fun taking pictures!! :(

I started with Rapid Roulette, which is the digital version of Russian Roulette. I saw how easily Totti won money with that game, so I happily joined in too.

I lost AUD15 there. -_-

After that, I tagged along with Joleen and Nikki, and they played Casino War;which is basically a game where the dealer gives you a card, and if your card's bigger than the dealer's, you win, and vice versa.

*A 20 dollar note flies away*

Grrrrr. Somemore in both games, i lost the money in a whirlwind!! Before I even caught the rules and essence of the game, I lost already. :(

Somemore Totti won 100plus dollars, that lucky fella. Share some luck with me? *sweet smile* ;)

But I think I want to try my luck again next time!! Not so soon lah, I am not addicted to gambling, and neither am I made of money. But I think Rapid Roulette carries a pretty good chance of winning (based on the undisputable method of probability)! :P

Nevertheless, my broken heart (all the money, GONE!! *sniff*) was soothed a little, when Totti brought us to a Chinese restaurant for brinjal noodles!!!

Damn yummy, I am telling you, noodles cooked in a claypot with brinjal and mince meat... Confirmed, one of the best noodles I've ever had!! :)

And............. I had red bean pancake!!! Before I go on, I have to make it very clear, I ADORE CHINESE RED BEAN PANCAKE. Those with lotus paste also can, but for me, the red bean ones are the bomb. I shan't dwelve into too much why chinese pancakes rock my world, but for me to find them in Melbourne, for a considerably reasonable price of AUD5, made me a happy, happy woman! :P

And Totti treated us!! That idiot went to the counter and paid without our knowledge!! And he refused to let me pay him back. He said it's a tradition that whoever wins in Crown will usually treat the others.

*prays furtively that I'll have a chance to treat people the next time!* ;)

Just one last picture of Melbourne city at night...

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Starry starry night...

Although undeniably I've lost a bit of cash today, but nonetheless, the fun I"ve had today is just priceless. Not a single moment of boredom, just a constant stream of chatter and laughter-- these people are just lovely, man. :) Furthermore, although I lost some greens, I earned back a brother! ;) Haha, Totti was so sweet to say that he thinks of me as a younger sister... :)

Never mind the fact that I'm actually a few months older than him. -_-

Anyway, if you don't mind me, I've to go call my grandma and ask her to look through the Chinese calendar for an "Ong"(i.e. prosperous/lucky) day for me to hit the casino again! ;)

PS: I am no kaki judi.


Blurry D said...

Lol 35 is nothing i once lost 120 AUD plus the 90 AUD which i won talk about bad luck.Sighhh...You are having a blast ler so jealous.i am like so lifeless here.

Anonymous said...

chinese LOTUS pancakes are the best!!! NOT RED BEAN ones!!!





Anonymous said...

why on earth are u disclosing the colour of ur knickers???

Anonymous said...

where's the japanese restaurant? what's the name? i want to try cow's tongue!!!! naughty naughty, gambler. even i haven't gambled in crown yet, and i've been here much longer. =P

revel in me said...

blurry_d: But I still lost more than you!! You lost (120-90=)30bucks!! :( Haha, but honestly, really damn cham ler you, I would float to cloud nine if I could win AUD90!!! :D

And hey, don't say like that!! Faster call me out! ;)

*sam*: RED BEAN ROCKS!!! Lotus paste also not bad...

But red bean is THE BEST!! :P


chormin: Haha, 'cause I wore red underwear for luck and IT STILL DIDN'T HELP!!! ;)

My possesive boyfriend... *adoring eyes* :P

jaclyn: Hmm, I didn't catch the name, but it's at Melbourne Central, outside (near Seafolly), next to Boost! :)And DIDN'T YOU READ MY POSTSCRIPT!!?? I am not a gambler k..:P Hee, and lucky you didn't go gamble, you saved yourself AUD35, as compared to me!! *sniff*

Kenn3th Kh@w said...

wow, i didn't know u just started blogging! if you don't mind, i add u on my list ya? =)

btw, add me on MSN so i know how to call u if next time got any event. I usually tell Kon but he can be forgetful at times. email is:- kenkkm "at" hotmail .com

p/s: if you look at my previous post, i have pics of inside crown prince. I took pictures "secretly". =)

revel in me said...

kenneth: Hee, I would try doing that the next time in crown! ;)

*slaps self for even entertaining the thought of gambling again* :P