Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Famous Amos Tragedy

My ball was the night before.

And I lost a pack of Famous Amos. :(

And warning, this post has so many pictures I can't keep count. :P


It was actually the Monash University Malaysian Student Union (MUMSU) ball, and it cost me a whopping AUD69.

It was held in Sophitel hotel in the city, in which Lionel and Jaclyn kindly gave us a ride. :)

Speaking of Sophitel, doesn't it sound like a cheap motel??? After the Cornel Hotel inident, I have developed a phobia of Aussie hotels.

But everyone said that it is a really, really, really nice hotel...

Behold, Sophitel...

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The entrance to our 'ballroom'.

Our ballroom was actually called the Terrace room, which is a large open-aired space (within the hotel-lah), in the second floor, with a balconey overlooking the hotel's lobby. Nice. :)

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Ball at full swing...

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Smalls and I. :)

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The Incredible Jac who did up her own hair all by herself!! *in awe*

Speaking of hair, I was so depressed that I had to settle for a measly half-ponytail. :( I wanted to curl my hair, but it will cost AUD50. However vain I am, it IS a little crazy to fork out so much money for a hairdo that will only last one night. This is the fate that you suffer when you have thick hair. *holds fire torch near hair*

But at least I had a pretty white flower in my hair, loaned by Jaclyn. *muah*

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Hall mates, and more. :)

All the people at my table.. :)

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Top: Jason, Kit Mey, Smalls, me, Jac, Lionel.
Bottom: Steven (from Melbourne Uni), Rebecca, Randy.

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Opening performance: Breakdancing!!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh my goodness, this guys are so talented!! I have never been a big fan of breakdancing, but they can really make you gasp in amazement!!

It didn't hurt that they were quite cute, hee. ;)

Oh, and we had salmon as our main course!! But it was cooked in such a healthy way though, steamed, with vegetables heaped on it.

A girl needs her cream sauce k.

Halfway through the function, the emcees started a 'game', whereby they will draw out table numbers, and the table that gets chosen must send a representative to sing a song on stage (A song list is provided, and lyrics are shown on the TV screen ala karaoke style).

Some tables that got picked were really unsporting, whereby everyone just refused to go upstage.

Our table decided to show them how it is done.

Haha, I went to the Vice President of the society, and told him that our table wants to perform.

And, presenting to you, table 17....

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We all went up, and did YMCA!!! :P

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Y...M...C, A!!! I think we were at "A" here. :P

Super liberating k!! We could see alot of tables doing the "Y, M, C, A" hand motions along with us!! ;)

And tiramisu for dessert :)

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Tiramisu with Cafe Machiatto ice cream.

Hehe, pardon my excitement, I seldom get desserts in Aussie. :(

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And we got pretty and yummy cookies for coffee and tea! :)

Running on a sugar high, I was fueled up for picture-taking! ;)

I messed up the boys...

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Messed-up boy 1: Meng Sang vs Act cute pose.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Messed-up boy 2: Lenz vs Sexy pose.
(Sorry la, my sexy pose damn fail, and apparently Lenz thinks garang is the new sexy. -_-)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Messed-up boy 3: JJ vs Who has the longest tongue pose.
(JJ, you win. :P)

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Messed-up boy 4: Woo Hsian vs Miang Betul pose.
Woo Hsian is of the first few names that I remember in Melbourne, 'cause he bet me that I couldn't.
Now it looks like I can't forget this expression on his face, ever. o_O

Oh, and there were quite a bundle of vouchers and discount coupons as part of our goodie bag. And the favourite being a teeny weeny packet of Famous Amos cookies!!!


Everyone polished off their packets before the main meal has arrived, but not me. Me, who lovingly pats my cookie packet in the goodie bag, with the notion that I'll savor my cookies s-l-o-w-l-y back in my room.

While chatting to Smalls, I found out that we both love the No Nut Chocolate Chip cookies of Famous Amos!!! Do you know I havn't never found someone who loves the same type of Famous Amos cookies as I do???!!!! Most girls seem to like butterscotch or macademia. *sticks out tongue*

Being Famous Amos buddies, we decided to take a No Nut picture.

No Nut, means cannot smile/laugh, must be damn stern and fierce, geddit?

Fine, it was my lame idea.*sheepish*

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Take 1: FAIL. 'Cause *someone* can't contain her nuttiness.

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Take 2: SUCCESS! Woo, my cookie buddy here looked so hot!!! Smothering! ;)

Then hor, that Kit Mey damn bising, want to join in also, but I told her, cannot, it's strictly No Nut fans only. But she being an Arnott fan, and me being a TimTam lover ('cause like Arnott is Tim Tam's manufacturer, duh), we became Arnott buddies!!! ;)

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We aren't odd (Arnott), we just love Arnott!!

Wahahahhahaahhahahha. My lameness has a reached another level.

More pictures....

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Gary, ex MUFY mate and I.

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Serene, course mate with everchanging LV and Gucci bags.

Eh, let me make something clear k... You see the bumps on my dress??? That is not my tummy k!!! It is a ballon skirt, it is SUPPOSED to be puffy!!!

I repeat, not my tummy k.

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Rion (Ryon?) who had long hair before this! ;)

Oh oh oh, and we had lucky draws throughout the night!!! The guys at our table, who have been to MUMSU's ball for three consecutive years, told us that they have never won anything before... -_-

But then, the wheel of luck took a spin when Kit Mey won a 10 dollar food voucher.

During the 2nd round of lucky draw, Randy won a printer!!! :)

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Don't ever separate us...

But Lady Luck really threw a luck grenade at our table when Jaclyn won the grand prize of night-- the newest 2G Ipod Nano!!!

Why I never get luck like this one. :(

Dear Jac, since you already have an Ipod, why not give it to your poor sweet and nice friend?? *hopeful smile*
No need to give to Lionel la, he wears dragon ties...

Hehe. :P

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The woman made of luck, and the man who wants her prize as his own. ;)

(Oh, she got a certification letter of some sort for the meantime, and will receive the actual Ipod later! :P)

Ooooh, and our table got even luckier!! Kit Mey got nominated as Queen!! :)

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Sorry Mey, I couldn't capture a good picture. :(

But in the end, some lame unsporting chick won instead. Boo. =(

But Kit Mey, you were the bomb among all the other contenders k! :)

More pictures...

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Drunken Johnny... (Err, the sword is actually the King(of the ball)'s sword.. -_-)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Crazy group pic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And one last picture of our table, completer with props and all...
Table 17 ROCKS!! :P

After that, it was time to PARTAY at the afterparty!! :D

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A little narcissm whilst primping.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Narcissm twofold.

And it was in the bathroom that I left my goodie bag. :(
A bagful of useful food vouchers, a coupon for a free pair of earrings, my ticket, ALL GONE.
And the worst thing was, MY BAG OF FAMOUS AMOS COOKIES!! :( :( :(
The one that I saved so carefully.
Along with a 40% off discount coupon for Famous Amos cookies.

I am so scarred. :(

Outside PI (heh, I don't know how to show the mathematical symbol in blogs ler :P), the club where the afterparty was...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
No jackets = freeze to death.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Those who came together in the same car! :)
Poor Lionel, very seldom he is in the picture, for he always has to be camera man... =p

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We met Joel and Joleen there! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Puckering Smalls, and Joleen, whom we met there too. :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Embracing my inner poser.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Girls just wanna have fun!!! :D

The dancing was just so great!! Alot of people that we knew, and the music was good. I danced till my legs hurt like hell.

And Jaclyn and Smalls got drunk on 151 (Bacardi 151), which apparently has 80% alcohol!!!
Wtf, damn lethal.
All of us took turns throughout the night to take care of them
And Jaclyn becomes damn manja when she's drunk. ;)
And Smalls is just so super entertaining. Oh, and she has lesbo tendencies too. o_O

Nopes, I will not post those pics up. :P

We only left the club at about 4 something, to grab some way, way way overpriced mamak food.

And we only reached home about 6 plus.
If my dad could see me then. o_O

But staying out the whole night killed my immune system.I am so freaking sick now.
Bad flu, fever, and a case of the bright yellow phlegm. :(

And there are actually SO SO SO SO many more pictures, but I shall refrain from posting just in case broadband explodes on you. ;)

Fine lah, I admit, I didn't post, 'cause I didn't look good enough. ;)

Thank you, everyone, who had a part in making the night filled with fun. :)

PS: And I would be even more grateful if ANYONE could offer me their Famous Amos cookies!! Or the discount voucher!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, with sprinkles on top? :)


Anonymous said...

I'll buy u some famous amos cookies when i go to chaddy!=) then shopping is on u right? =PP *hahaha*

Btw, the previous post is soOo sweet larrr...=)

And u take care of that flu aight..tulip festival up next sat!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! What took you so LOONNGG to post the pics up??? I've been checking your site like every 5 minute waiting to see pics =P You all look really good btw =)

revel in me said...

joleen: Can we just stick to you buying me the cookies, and leave shopping on me out? :P

Woohoo, tulips, tulips, tulips!! Must camwhore kao kao!!! :D

sam: Hahaha, you so compulsive ar!!! :D *damn touched* ;) And thank you, dear, I'll pass the compliment to everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

wahey! the refresh button does work. =P no, me cannot give u the nano because lionel lock will throw a fit and i cannot possibly retort for now i have no voice, literally. and i am not a manja drunk! and my hair dressing skills are to be admired. LOL.

revel in me said...

Mrs. Lock: Wahahahhah, Lionel Lock! :P And you ARE a manja drunk ler.. ;) Hey babe, do take care k, and drink more water! :)