Friday, September 22, 2006

My ball, His ball.

One year ago, we went to a ball together.

One year later, we are still going to a ball on the same day.
But, across the globe. You, in Malaysia; me, here.

In 15 minutes time, I have to start getting ready.

You would only start dressing up in 2 hours' time.

Last year, at this time, I was curling my hair at a salon, and sending enthusiastic smses to you about looking forward to the night.
Last year, at this time, you were on your way to Mariott Putrajaya to check into our room.

I am excited about tonight, but it just isn't the same.

I won't have to you hold my hand when I cross the doorway into the grand ballroom.

I won't have you peel my prawns for me.

I won't have you to hold my clutch for me while I stride around the tables.

I won't get to ooh and aah over your cufflinks.

I won't get to lie in your arms on a big fat king-sized bed after kicking off my heels.

I won't have you looking into my eyes after I stepped out of the bathroom, to tell me "You look stunning".

I have my beautiful cream-colored dress, but I don't have the one person I really want to see me in it.

But it does not matter.
'Cause you are there with me.
I'll see things through my eyes, and I'll recollect it to you in my excited high pitch voice. ;)
Every experience and sight that I absorbed tonight, you shall have a share. :)

And I shall take many many many many pictures so that you can drown me in compliments. :P

Have a great, fantabulous night k?? =)

I still wish I am there to see you at your finest.

And I wish you are here, period. :)


Grace Tham said...

*hugs* dear.. mucho *hugs*

mizzvickz said...

*sniffles* absence always makes the heart grow fonder. this post was so sweet. don't worry. time fliessss and soon u n ur darling will be able to reunite. tee hee.

revel in me said...

grace_t: Thanks dear. :)

mizzvickz: I hope so, Vic, I hope so. :)

Anonymous said...

Awsh... so sweet =)

Sue Lin said...

Aiyoh.... =|

"I won't have you peel my prawns for me." This made me laugh!

revel in me said...

sam: Thanksh, babe.. *hugs* =)

sue lin: You damn bad right, laugh at my misery... o_O Hehe..

Anonymous said...

I hope the prawn peeling part wasn't the prime reason for that post.!!! haha.. =P But hey, I miss you too.!

revel in me said...

My own special old fart: Ya ler, of course it's not the prime reason... I need you to peel crabs for me too!! Muahahahaha... :D

Miss you so much...:(