Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Survival of the fittest

Wahahaha, if you think I am going to imposing Darwin theories or start sprouting scientific jargon, YOU ARE WRONG!!!

The title has no meaning whatsoever, except to denote the fact that I SURVIVED!!!

*Throws confetti in air*

Bye bye, irritating Law assignment. So long, icky group presentation.


Whee, big fonts look so happy that I have to use them more in this post!!


Lalalalala... Though I am tired as hell (I slep at 5 plus am yesterday, or rather today.. o_O), I just can't help feeling so satisfied and relaxed, for the first time in 2 weeks. :)

Furthermore, my tutor just emailed me the general feedback about my group presentation, and they were great!! Comments like "best presentation among all groups", "excellent", "great teamwork" served as great ego strokers. *beams prodly*


On a different note, to celebrate my joyous mood, let me share a picture with you...

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I saw this while waiting for the bus...

Sometimes, we just need to appreciate the finer details of life... :)

A smile from a stranger.

A free sample of hot chocolate.

An sms from a long lost friend.

A good hair day.

A sincere compliment.

A penny found on the streets.

An ice pop.

Look around today, and find a reason to smile. :)


mustardqueen said...


the picture of the tar's oil stain...thats why u see rainbow when it touches water....the surface of the road's wet right....muahahaha

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: It's not oil stain ler!!!! The road was dry!!! *sticks tongue out*