Thursday, September 14, 2006

The things women do...

TO SHOP!! :)

Yesterday was Chadstone's Spring Racing VIP Night, and excuse the posh sounding name, it just meant that the entire mall was on sale for a few hours!!!

Kit Mey, Smalls and I, being, ahem, inquisitive beings, decided to enrich our life experience by making a visit. ;)

However, we found out that the last bus leaves campus at 6.03pm, and we were running real late....

We absolutely could not miss the bus!!!

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Gavin (Smalls' boyfriend, who came over to visit her (lucky woman :P)), Smalls, and Kit Mey.

I find the the picture so amusing!! See how the ladies are running for their lives, whereas the male figure is trudging ever slowly. :P You can almost see the "EH??? Need or not??" thought bubble on top of Gavin's head!! :D

We ran all the way from halls to the bus stop. A whopping 15-20 minutes away. -_-

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We made a pact to stick up for each other through thick and thin...

We promised to keep a lookout for one another's sizes, and also fight for each other's retail choices if the going gets tough!! :P

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Fruits of my labor.

DIE. I don't even have money to eat rice and soya sauce now. o_O


Anonymous said...

I see Dangerfield! I love Dangerfield (even though I haven't bought anything from there for myself) :D the last bag I got from them was so cool.

post your buys! hee

Anonymous said...

haha, the last sentence was nonsensical. you said you already had no moolah to even survive on rice and soya sauce before you bought your purchases, yet you bought it. *wink* nevermind, i'll be nice and share my rice and soya sauce with you =P

mizzvickz said...

why never open ur bags ! i wanna see ur buys. bwahaha. and u ppl never call meeee! :( lol.

revel in me said...

xahra: YA!! I quite like Dangerfield too, their stuff are so quirky! ;) But kinda expensive la.. :( But oh oh oh, I have a bag from Dangerfield, and I love it to bits coz it's so huge that I feel like Doraemon with it!

Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that. -_-

jaclyn: I am using next month's money to eat rice with soya sauce!! :P Aww, so sweet of you to share!! Maybe we could start a new diet regime--rice with soya sauce cut in half! :D

mizzvicks: Haha, I got a ball dress for MUMSU!! You going or not!!??:P Oh, and a pair of jeans. And 2 tops. Hee. And so sorry k, it was a last minute decision, you could see from the way we had to rush to take the last bus! :(

Anonymous said...

I know you are so hinting me to send you a bottle of soya sauce =P

revel in me said...

*sam*: Yay!!! Does this mean I should be expecting a parcel soon? ;)