Saturday, September 09, 2006

Toys. But not for kids.

So, I read an article sometime ago.

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In Cleo. *ahem* Self-gratification 101.

Jessica Rabbit. Rings a bell??

Well, when I saw the caption, it did sound familiar, I know it's an animated character of some sort, but I just couldn't place what did she (it?) looked like....

The image of Betty Boop kept on showing up in my mind instead. o_O

Nevertheless, Google set me straight.

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I have no idea why Jessica Rabbit doesn't have bunny ears.

Speaking of bunnies and rabbits, why do bunnies connote sexual undertones???

Like how Playmates wear bunny ears, and sexy costumes usually come with a fluffy bunny tail...


Next thing you know, kangaroos will be the rage. o_O

Anyway, back to Ms. Jessica Rabbit

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Erm, this Jessica Rabbit comes with ears (scrutinise properly! :P).

I looked long and hard to find the "rotating balls", but to no avail.

Gone were the days where the term Rock Chick conjures up the image of Avril Lavigne.

Welcome to the New Age Rock Chick.

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Will you let it rock your world?

Honestly, if I were to see this in a supermarket, I would have just thought it's a good old-fashion hot water bottle; y'know those that you put under your covers during winter to keep your bed warm and toasty; albeit in a unique shape.

I am not even gonna ask how are you going to heat this, urm, gadget.

What the hell is a Layaspot?

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G-spot, and now Layaspot???

By the way, I didn't know vibrators are so expensive. -_-

And how can we forget some good old lubricant?

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Just what every girl needs, a lubricant that can double up as a hairstyling product.


Anonymous said...

My 'Horny Sifu' is back....very informative dear.... *rofl*. Btw, do u guys have the shop ANN SUMMERs there? Which sells sex toys, though looks abit cheap at times....apparently, in Dublin, its the RAMPANT RABBIT, thats all the rage.... (dont ask me how I know okay!!) Btw, reached Dublin safely, but one of my bags got lost in Heathrow, still waitng for it, and the other bag arrived, only was totally broken, and my clothes were hanging out... &%$#!!!!

revel in me said...

ran: I AM NOT HORNY SIFU!!! -_-
Haha, and what the shit, RAMPANT RABBIT??? You have one of those, don't you...Y'know, succumb to the Dublin fever... :P
And I am so happy that you've arrived safely! Hope you get your other bag asap k... :) Miss you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

aahhhh i see you are beginning to question the birds and the bees and the furry rabbit. Very commendable
btw that ms rabbit lady is roger rabbit's gal. assuming u know roger rabbit
do get me one of those and watever seems to be in dublin

revel in me said...

ckhoong: Ahahahaha, the birds and the bees and THE FURRY RABBIT?? Haha, you had me laughing throughout the night man! :P And yup, I do know who's roger rabbit!! I used to watch that movie whereby they have animated characters with real actors.. Loved it! ;)

Will keep an eye out for the Rampant Rabbit for yiu... -_-