Wednesday, September 27, 2006


*looks down*

My tummy damn big.

Just came back from Koko Black's Iced chocolate (comes with ice cream, chocolate shaving, and chocolate sauce) and this super rip-off chocolate Mooo...mooo... unpronuciable dessert.

Ceh, I still prefer Max Brenner!!! *smiles self-satisfiedly*

Oh, and a big birthday shoutout to Victoria!!! :)

And I went for Royal Melbourne Show today, but I've no time to blog 'bout it yet --I have two assignments due on Monday, what type of stupid semester break is this... :(

If you see me update my blog, it means I am curi tulang-ing... ;)

Now, if you don't mind, I've to get back to other more pressing matters.

*pokes tummy with evil glare*


mizzvickz said...

haha thanks ;)
and oh please don't post any UGLY pics of me coz i looked bad on that day. AHAHAH. if tummy exposed. cannot. pimples. cannot. BWAHAHAHA.

revel in me said...

mizzvickz: You looked GREAT yesterday k!!! I kept on eyeing your pretty necklace the whole day... ;)must.steal. vic's.necklace. Hahaha.... Don't worry, I ensure we were all HOT HOT HOT yesterday.. Especially YOU!! Bithday girl, one more year!! :D