Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grad Mad.

Today was my university's convocation day, hence, the lawns of the campus were filled with hopeful graduates, all brimming with pride under their black cloaks.

Erm, I have no idea what you called the standard cloak thingy that all graduates are obligated to wear, so I'll just refer to it as a cloak.

And, please, to all future and potential graduates, THIS is not a good look:

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The black hat, the black sunglasses, the black coat, appealing it is not.

Ooooooh, and totally random, but these are what I'll wear for MY convocation day!!! :D

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And perhaps this, for a more serious/professional look...

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jaclyn said...

haha... but no one can see your dress!

sam =) said...

I bet you are getting ready for the after-party so much more than you are getting ready for the convocation =P

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Can wan!! Got slit in front of the cloak what!!! :P

sam: HEEEHEEEHEEE, I was seriously just planning on looking sensational, but is there really an after-party????? :D

Melisa said...

eh not bad!! i like the colors u chose! definitely better than black. haahhaha

Ran said...

Hey Dear, read ure post on my blog...sorry didnt email, figured you'd this first..Istill dont have internet at home *blergh* and in the midst of exams, so super super busy...will be free from 1oth!! Had my med ball yesterday..will post up pics soon okay..till then take care, and good luck for ure exams!! I'll email u asap!

revel in me said...

melisa: I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate the color black... =p

ran: OOoooh, how was your ball??? Can't wait to chat with you!! *hugs* :)