Monday, October 30, 2006

The long thing between my legs.

My Law exam was this morning, and I just couldn't sleep last night.

Call it stress or whatever.

But actually, I missed my bolster.

I have no idea why Aussies don't sleep with bolsters.... Don't they realise just how utterly comfy it is to snuggle up to a bolster???

I miss having something between my legs.

Heck, that sounds so wrong.

I miss hugging onto my bolster, and burying my face into it.
My standard slumber postion: sleeping on my right, holding on to my bolster for dear life.

Aaahh, my bolster at home, clad by blue fabric, always blue, 'cause I have blue flowered wallpaper in my bedroom; I would much prefer pink, but the room came like that, and my dad said 'over my dead body' or at least a look to that effect when I told him I want to bulldozed off the blue wallpaper. Back to my bolster, the one that I went around Slumberland? Dreamland? the one in SS2, hugging onto every one of their bolsters, looking for that perfect degree of softness, the perfect fit.

Reminds me of the bolster I had all through my childhood-- a lumpy children bolster, under a bright yellow bolster cover with red cartoons strewn all over it. I used to hug it all the time, even till I was 12, and the bolster was too small for me. Until the filling turned sandy, and it would spill out of my bolster. Grandma would help me to stitch it back, but my bolster couldn't withstand age catching up with it, the filling continued spilling out of it, till it was a miserable barely-filled sack. Still, I held on to it faithfully, every night, every nap I took, every ghost story that my dad told me. Until my mom told me, no more, get a new bolster, and she threw away my yellow cartoon bolster, and I never saw it again.

I have always played with the bolsters in my parents' bedroom, with my sisters. Crocodile crocodile, whereby the bed was the 'boat', and someone would have to be the crocodile. Bolsters (we had at least five, daddy, mummy, me, and my 2 sisters') would be carelessly scattered on the bedroom floor, being 'logs', we could jumped onto the log, and the crocodile could not catch us. Or what about when we used bolsters as 'swords', and we pretended to do kung fu (we stuff pillows under our shirts when we want to play 'pregnant pregnant'). And we don't do pillow fights, we do it the bolster way.

I miss my bolster.

Do you have a bolster to cling on to tonight?

Or better yet, do you have someone to hug tonight?


Anonymous said...

Way to get my attention with that kind of a title man!! *lol* I usually hug a pillow..but bolster more comfortable huh? Wish I was hugging someone though....*sniff sniff*'s the exams coming along?

revel in me said...

ran: Haha, go hug your boyfriend lah!! :P And sigh, exams, NOT GOOD... =(