Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mangali Armpit.

I just came back from a barbeque...

And my hair reeks of grease and smoke. *wrinkles nose*

Smalls, Kit Mey and I were in charge of marinating the chicken wings. Thean Aik helped out with us too...

Our recipe? Black pepper, salt, and honey. :)

Smalls and I had alot of fun spreading the chicken wings and making them , ahem, excercise.=p

And Thean Aik taught us how to massage the chicken wings.

Haha, the way he 'massaged' was damn sensual lah... :P

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Kit Mey, Smalls, and Thean Aik with the sensuous hands. ;)

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I like to move it, move it.

I havn't barbequed for years, and guess what. The barbeque-ing method that I was exposed to is the old school way. -_-

Nowadays, they have electric stoves.

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Grilled goodies.

I was slightly worried at first, as besides chicken wings, the other meats were beef sausages and lamb. I try to avoid taking beef, and I avoid lamb like the plague.


Oh, but we had salad and yummy mashed potato (I helped made it!:P). :)

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The spread. Looks like a posh buffet spread hor? =p

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Kit Mey, Smalls, Thean Aik, Totti, Joleen, Nikki, Jian Cai.

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Same people, but with me. Hehe, I wasn't in the previous picture, 'cause I was taking the picture, but I can't resist posting pics of myself. ;)

And I am so amused by the fact that Totti had the same pose in both pictures!!!

Ceh, like Chef Wan like that. :P

Gosh, I just realised something!!! Joel is not in the picture!!! I have no idea why. :(


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Nah, here he is.

Oh, oh, oh, and guess what!!!

For the first time in my entire whole life, I tried lamb that did not taste like mangali armpit.



On a different note, I went to the city today, with the sole purpose of shopping.

Yes, my dears, the exams are coming up, and I need one last fling before I settle down. :P

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We like to laugh at fake dogs with tongues sticking out. -_-

I went home with 1 hairband, 1 pair of earrings, 1 capri pants, 2 belts, ,2 hats, 2 dresses , and 3 tops.


I very puas now.

*big fat grin*

Now that I have satiated myself, it's time to get into the geek mode.

*wears glasses and pulls pants up to chest-level*

Watch out, world, Geek Hui Wen is unleashed! ;)


priya said...

OMG, geek hui wen is scary :P

but you better study NOW! study study! then we can go do girly things when i come over! i miss girly things! boo!


Anonymous said...

i think ur shopaholic tendencies flew from the city to chaddie, because i whimsically bought a dress (like, what am i going to do with the dress, it being so pretty an unwearable for day-to-day outfits?) that cost me quite a bit. i am broke. it's all your fault. *grin*

revel in me said...

priya: Yes, yes, MOM!! Hee. =p
Girly things, wooo!! Shopping, chocolates and girly chats, I promise you that!! :D

jaclyn: I seriously doubt my 'shopaholic tendencies' are that powerful.. :P Woot, dress!! Show me, show me! :)