Thursday, October 05, 2006

My toothpick fate.

It's undeniable.


Some might say inevitable.


Gosh, it hurts me so to say this.


The. Horror.

I absolutely refused to let this be an irrevocable fate. It shall not be mine.

Somemore I announced proudly before I left home, that I would not put on weight in Melbourne.


I've joined the university gym on Tuesday: Tae Box on that day itself, Pilates yesterday, and worked out at the gym today.

Please, please, please, let me shed off this awful pounds.

I want to be a toothpick.

PS: YES, I did notice the irony between my last post and this entry. o_O


KITMEY said...


Anonymous said...

who sez youz putz on weightz?
no wayz yoz! hahahahh!!!

Anonymous said...

aiyo. it's the baby, not you. =P

Anonymous said...

Baby? wat baby? thought u said u were innocent...rofl

revel in me said...

*momo.berry: And fruit-ness! :P

smallswong: Youz thinkz youz veryz funnyz izitz???
Noz wayz yoz!! Hahahaha.. :D

Must giat ber-gym with me k! =p

jaclyn: -_-
Thanks, babe, could always count on you for a vote of confidence. Hehe.. ;)

ran: I am innocent!!! =p

Sue Lin said...

Again i say: Stop scaring me!!!! I am still looking forward to Australia.

By the way, how much do u have to pay for the gym??

watthehuh said...


revel in me said...

sue_lin: And hey, I didn't know you're coming to aussie!! Which campus are you going to..? :) Um, for the campus gym, it's AUD50 for gym plus group classes.. :)

whatthehuh: You shouldn't take joy in my misery, y'know... =(