Wednesday, October 25, 2006


And so, I took a bath the night before.

Opened a new bottle of bath foam.

Speaking of which, it's damn sakit hati to buy toiletries in Melbourne, 'cause a bottle of shampoo/bathing soap/conditioner/lotion cost about AUD6 to 8, and I'd much rather use that money to go shopping. Or eat. Or club.

But then I'll be damn stinky-lah.

So, I happily rubbed the bathing foam over my body, Dove's super moisturising bathing gel, waiting for it to work its moisturising wonders on me.

I shall digress again, isn't such a delight to try a new type of bathing liquid??? New scent, new texture, new colors, new phony promises that the product swears to deliver....

The bathing liquid was kind of thick and clumpy, but I thought, hey, that's why it's so moisturising right? So I smeared the gel-like substance all over my body, wondering why it wasn't lathering.

But then, bloody hell, even after I ran myself in the water, the liquid just remained glopped all over my body!!! No matter how much I rubbed and scrubbed, there were still white lumps all over me.

After constant swiping and swabbing, FINALLY I got everything off.

Or so I thought.

Out of curiosity, I scraped my skin with my nail, only to find find clumps being scraped off!!!


I spent half and hour in the shower scraping myself clean.


Before yesterday, I would definitely tell everyone to steer away from Dove's Rich Nourishing Body Milk.

'Cause frankly, it's just the lousiest body bath I have ever used in my life.

But when I recounted my tale to Smalls yesterday, she pointed something out to me.

Out of curiosity, I double-checked the bottle that I was THIS close to throwing away out of fury, and my worst fears were confirmed.

It was a bottle of lotion.


mustardqueen said...


Dove products got such tning one meh??

KITMEY said...


Grace Tham said...

hahahahaha omg.. that is the kind of thing i thought I would do!! *hee* you're as blur as me! *does happy dance of joy*

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Got la, Dove got lotion wan!!

*momo.berry: It's evil to laugh at people's misfortune. :(

grace_t: Hahhaha, you are still the reigning blur sotong la.. :P

Anonymous said...


Grace Tham said...

hmm i might be able to pass the cornw on to you la after the lotion thing *hee* :D

Anonymous said...

Hui Wen... my bimbo =P

Anonymous said...

heh, i thought it was a bottle of lotion when u couldnt get it off LOL

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Refer to reply to Kit Mey. -_-

grace_t: AAAAHHH!! *does warding hand movements* Keep the crown away from me!! I DUWAANNN!!! :P

sam: I'm not a bimbo ler... A bimbo should be well-versed in toiletries and vainity products. ;)

jean: Ahh, goood good, you paling pandai. ;)

Anonymous said... hilarrious!!! I use the same shower gel, and its really good, so was wondering what happened to your bottle.....Dear, I think ure becoming like grace....*hee hee*