Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ten reasons not to study.

1. My room is a super uninspiring environment to study.
I want starbucks and cheesecake. :(

2. My nails are ugly, and I can't bear to look at them.
Like duh, i can't flip pages to risk a glance at them!

3. My horoscope today goes like this:

A conservative course is best where money is concerned today. Guard against hasty decisions and reject "wonderful" investment proposals. Share feelings, plans and POV's this morning; you will be fully accepted.

No mention of studying!

4. Studying makes hell seem like a vacation in Maldives.

5. I can hear all the temptations calling out to me... My laptop, storybooks, magazines, calling the boyfriend (even though he tak layan me now, 'cause he has exams too), heck, even the gym!

6. Studying--> high stress levels--> high blood pressure--> heart attack--> early death.

7. Even a mere glimpse of textbooks sends my cerebrum into sleep overdrive.

8. There is no honors for my course, hence, it does not matter what scores you obtained when you graduate.

9. My bangs poke into my eyes, thus, it's a nuisance while I am studying. I am a poor student, no money to cut my hair.
And don't suggest bobby pins or hairbands, they will affect the natural wave of my fringe.

10. Everything seems more interesting compared to studying, which explains why I am blogging now.


Anonymous said...

i don't want to study anymore. stress-ness! i swear half my hair has turned white and my migrains are never ending. i need to find a rich OLD and dying man to be my husband. better make sure he leaves me all his money.=P gold digger yo!

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Jac, good luck for your exams tomorrow k! *blows good luck kisses to you* :D

PS: Can't you settle for a cute and young BUT frail and dying guy??? :P