Thursday, November 23, 2006

Captain of the MH148 flight: To all Malaysians, welcome home.

Things that make home home.

The whirring sounds of the ceiling fan that greets me when I awaken from slumber.

The naggings of grandma to the boys (brother and grandpa) that reverberates in the morning.

My sisters' good-natured teasing and uncivilised butt-squeezing.

Astro channel-surfing.

Maggi goreng. Teh ais. Cheese naan.

A huge stack of magazines on the coffee table, waiting for me to devour them.

Choppy the Stinky Dog.

Flat screen monitor, as compared to my laptop.

The green Wira that chauffeurs me around.

Calvin Klein's Truth cologne.

My staple mamak's man asked my sisters where I was.


So familiar, yet a little strange.

The first night I laid on my bed, the comforter was too thin. The comforter I had in Melbourne was thick and fluffy.

And I forgot how to switch on the water pump when I wanted to bathe.

But other than that, it is as if I never left.

Oh, and I got this from the boyfriend when he came to fetch me at the airport.

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I love my boy. :)

(Edited: They are cupcakes!!! Not mousepad ler... -_-)

It's good to be home.


S h e r v e said...

ur boy is so sweet. : )

Jon said...

It looks sewn... or a bunch of arranged cupcakes... camera taken on an angle of 90 degrees

but... what is it??? A mouse pad :P?

Anonymous said...

damn sweeeeettttt.
i want your boy (not literally!), or someone like him.
bwargh *green with envy*

Anonymous said...

*tears up*

that's so sweeeet.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! So so sweet lah....I want also!! hee hee....So lucky lah u... =D

revel in me said...
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revel in me said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear, I'm not going to Italy with Anth la..I WISH!!! Am going with my 2 friends...but yes, I shudnt complain when I went to Paris with him...hee hee must be having fun at home huh? *winks*

mizzvickz said...

your boyfie is SUPER sweet :) i bet you teared when u saw all the cupcakes!! hehehe.

revel in me said...

ran: But you still get to visit Italy!!! *crosses arms and sulks*

And haha, it is not as if I am clubbing away lah!! But being home itself is great. :)

victoria: Hee, on the contrary, I didn't tear!!! I was quite potong stim, ├žause I told him I knew where he got the cupcakes from, haha... =p

revel in me said...

sherve: I KNOW!!! :)
And totally irrelevant, I visited your blog, and I like your stripey outfit! =p

jon: Cupcakes LEERRR!!!
Where you get mousepad from. o_O

jaclyn: Jac, you can BAKE cupcakes like that la, you blardy superwoman. ;)
And trust me, someone like that is waiting for you. :)

xahra: *hands you hankerchief*
And I think it's incredibly sweet that Haddy fed you Indomie. :)

How is Sydney? =)

ran: Ceh, as if Anthony won't do for you! ;)