Friday, November 10, 2006

Holiday Mood.

Sydney, here I come!!!

Beaches, shopping, scrumptious cuisines. That's what life's all about. :)


Grace Tham said...

heyo.. i'm going to sydney too!! next year la.. gonna be studying there :D hehe next time, if you go to sydney, can visit me :D

Anonymous said...


where'd you go?
i miss you so
seems like it's been forever
that you've been gone
please come back home

i can be corny too! but honestly, melbourne just isn't the same without you, smalls and kit mey. i miss the shopping sprees (though i always regret the purchases at the end of the day), crazy gossip talk and never ending laughter. =(

revel in me said...

grace_t: Eeeedioot!!! You're supposed to come to Melbourne!!! Then we can paint the city red!!! (And Melbourne would not be spared from our lame jokes :P) Haha... Which uni are you going to..??? :)

jaclyn: Awwww, so sweet!!! And TOTALLY irrelevant, but I like that song!! Hehehe... Wish you were there in Sydney, the four of us would have SO rocked sydney!!! =p