Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lumps and Lard.

I am fat.


The mom. The first thing she said when she saw me:

"Wah, look like FATTER already ar!"

I replied with feeble protests. Something about my babydoll top adding inches on me.

Upon closer look, she claims again:

"Really lah!!! Fat already!

My maid.


I glared at her.


Death stare.


Bloody hell. Want me to fire you is it.

The second sister. Whenever she sees me.

"FATTY!!! Teehee."

I am wearing the same size as you k. *scowls*

The boyfriend.

I manja-ly asked him while he was paying the parking ticket at the airport, "Ï got put on weight or not?"


"Actually got lah. Can see.

Shot daggers with my eyes.

"BUT you still pretty."

Super tried to salvage, hehe.

I need U-zap. And Detox-Slim. And the Cheesie prunes. And magic pills.

I. Need. To. Lose. Weight.


So I can eat more. :D

And I just kissed the ground after getting off the car. My sister is helluva scary driver, I ma telling you.

Trust me, if you see a gold Avanza zooming near you, RUN!!!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

And on another irrelevant note, am I the only oddball who finds Daniel Craig (the new James Bond), as plain looking as he is, quite dashing?


Jon said...

Your first sister has been saying you've also become fatter :P... behind your back to me ^_^

What happenned lol? Usually it's the Malaysian food that adds the pounds on me, not the Aussie food.

Anonymous said...

everyone said that i've put on weight too!!
my dad will laugh at me and pinch my arms saying "hehe, fat already."

Anonymous said...

U are not the only one getting such "ego-boosting" comments lah..hahaha =)
Got miss me not?!

Anonymous said...

U are not the only one getting such "ego-boosting" comments lah..hahaha =)
Got miss me not?!

Anonymous said...

none of you are fat!
everyone's just imagining things!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny..hee did the thing you warned me against? I still remember ure parting advice to me, when I left..."And Ranjitha, no matter wat, dont put on weight k!!" hehe...though I think you're just exaggerating la....oh, and yea, somehow in a really weird way, I think Daniel Craig is dashing...though differently from Pierce Brosnan!

revel in me said...

jon: SHE is my second my sister lah!!!! I call her that çause she's second in the family, heh.
That bloody traitor, grrr.

Oh, and Aussie food = tim tams.
My weakness. :(

kitmey: Stupid woman, you didn't put on a single bit of weight k!!! I saw with MY BARE EYES. :D

joleen: GOT MIIIIISS!!! =p Hahaha, you get such comments too? But you're skinny as ever!!!
When are you coming down to kl?? =)

jaclyn: Teehee, and the cup is half full. :P

ran: NO WAY. My aprting words to you were THAT bimbotic??? :P Haih, I didn't exaggerate. If anything, I sugarcoated my fattiness.
I am a whale. :(

And yea, it's a different type of dashing... It's what we call bergaya, hehe.. ;)