Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Midnight Treat.

I was studying and I could really feel my energy levels dropping like a parachute with its harness slashed.

Really craved for some sugar.

I didn't have any sugary treats in my room, and aha, I know, the common room in my halls has a vending machine.

I am seated at my table now, nibbling on my kinder bueno, listening to David Tao.

I could almost forget I have an exam on Friday.

By the way, Aussie chocolates usually taste better than the ones back home, but for kinder bueno, it tastes the same, I can attest to that.


Anonymous said...

I love chocolate breaks during study periods. Keeps my brains working and is the best treat ever. Lol...

revel in me said...

sam: Haha, I know exactly what you mean!!! I used to purposely drive out to Petronas to buy Time-outs for my study sessions.. =P Somemore I would buy a few one shot.. Which, obviously, I finished one shot too.. =p