Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Nerd speaks again.

I so need a massage.

All the hunched-shoulders-bent-head positions during many furious study sessions have given me very sore neck and shoulder muscles. :(

I need someone to knead and massage me.

Any takers? ;)


Three more days till exams are finished, one tomorrow, another one on Wednesday.

I can't even breathe normally, I feel tense all over. I can only relax after my exams are officially over and done with.

Help me pray k? That time will pass by quickly. :)


I am going to Sydney next Saturday!! :D And most likely, we'll go to the beach.

But I didn't bring a bathing suit with me to Aussie. :(

How ar? Should I fork out AUD70 to get a cute swimsuit???

Or just wear tank top and shorts, while my girlfriends prance around in their lovely swimwear...

Bah, fuck it, Roxy bikini it is!


I need chocolates AGAIN. Something about studying that just sucks up all my energy and endorphines.

I need it to make me feel happy.

So that I can hum and bob my head while I study.

Tiiiiiiiim Taaaaaaaams....


I am wearing a blue fabric headband now, with my bangs all tucked up.

Frumpiness to the max.

Somemore, with the headband worn so low (i.e. very close to my forehead), I look like a kungfu fighter who is gonna start walking on walls.

Darn, tucking my fringe up means I am gonna get flat icky bangs tomorrow.


Yea, if you haven't gotten it, I am just typing random things that popped into my head.


Shoot, my 10 minutes' break is up.


Anonymous said...

i can loan you my bikini =)

priya said...

I'm going back tmw niiiiittteee!!!

Boo. =/

Next time I plan betul betul,k? Still gonna let me crash over at yours? :P

Anyways, good luck with your exams - don't go and touch hot irons all, please don't. Hee. And I'll be seeing you soon enough!! Can drag me all around KL, and BEYOND..=)

KITMEY said...
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KITMEY said...

*touches huiwen's forehead*

you okay arh?
headache weh I read this post :P

revel in me said...

jaclyn: You are so tiny!! :( :( :(

priya: Oh my goodness!!!!! That is damn scary!!! So fast!!! How was the remaining days in Melbourne? ;)
Tell me all about it when we ber-mamak back home k! :P
And YEEEEEESSSS, please come back next year!! I promise, you can crash at my place, and we'l paint Melbourne red!! =p

And oh, my, god. I can't believe you remember the iron thing. :P

*momo.berry: Hahhahahha, why lah headache... =p

Kit Mey... FA hoooowww.. :(

mustardqueen said... means this saturday goin to Sydney??

Bro says HI!!

Sweat..u shud have brought ur swimsuit there....*money flyin away with wings*

Poor dad...

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Tell him I say hi back!!! :P

And yup, Sydney, yoyoyo!! :D
Hehe, I really damn wanna buy swimsuits here lah... All also very purty!! ;)

Anonymous said...

BUY BUY BUY! =D We're going on Virgo yo! Sun-tanning, here we come! (As if I'm not tan enough *sobsies*) OWH, since we're at it, get me a pink one! :D