Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SOME PEOPLE tried to scare me with a mask today.

I want pumpkins.

I want to carve and carve and make my own Jack-O lantern.

Then hor, my Jaco-O lantern will wear earrings and carry handbag wan, 'cause like me, damn girly.


And I want to wear playboy bunny costume.

Baby, you would like that, wouldn't you?


And I want to go trick and treat, and bully young children, and steal all their candies.


Why must I have exams??????
Now I what also can't do. :(

Happy Halloween everyone! :)


KITMEY said...

people scare you, open curtain oso took 10 years LOL. potong steam only =P at least scream abit mahhhh. sheesh, the effort.

Anonymous said...

bwargh, i now have all the time to do things but no one to do them with. that's even sadder! i want exams!!!!

revel in me said...

*momo.berry: Hahahhha, my curtains got stuck ler, I couldn't open it!!! And just 'cause YOU found the mask scary, heeheehee.. :P

jaclyn: You want me to whack you is it!!!!??? GRrrrr...
Threats aside, how were your exams? :)

Anonymous said...

rawr. i'm done with exams. keke

all the best!