Sunday, November 19, 2006

To curl or not to curl?

I am going home tomorrow, and the first thing I want to do is to do something to my hair!!!

Well, at least, after a little rendezvous with the boyfriend, my maggi goreng and a cup of teh tarik, heh.

The thing is, I am in such a dilemma!!!

My original plan was to straighten my hair first, and when I go home from Melbourne at the end of next year, I would perm my hair. However, the boyfriend is really keen on me curling hair, lavishing me with compliments about how nice I looked with curls (I have done temporary perms before),and in fact, he made me an offer that is quite difficult to refuse!!!

He told me that I could perm my hair first, and when I go home mid-year next year, he would pay for my straightening, should I find my curls too difficult to maintain, or that it is getting to be a hassle.

Fry my hair twice a year, you want my hair to die ar?

But that aside, it does sound quite quite appealing, 'cause then I can have the best of both worlds.

Though I would probably be stuck with yellow branch-like hair a few months down the road.

Help me decide please.

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Straight hair.


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Crazy ar, if I look like that with curls, I'd rather DIE than go for a perm. ;)

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Pardon the miang pose, my sister took the picture when I wasn't prepared. ;)

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These are the curls that I want.

Now, please don't be affected by these pictures of me with curls k, I just came back from a Christian Dior makeup thingy in those pictures, I won't look like that everyday. :(

Well, you should be aware of one bit of information, that I really do want to curl my hair-- y'know, loose sexy slightly tousled curls, especially considering the fact that I have had straight hair for a couple of years... However, I have to be practical, 'cause I am coming back to Aussie next year, and it would be difficult to take care of my curls.

I can't give my hair treatments (would cost an arm and a leg), and I would be bound to blowdry it everyday, not to mention all the hair products that I have to buy that are specially catered for permed hair.

Also, if I put those products on my hair, I am afraid I might get backne (back acne, geddit? :P) on my back, from the residue from the hair products, since I am quite prone to spots on my back.

Besides that, if I were to perm my hair, most likely I would have to do a digital perm, as it is the most lasting, but it gives you auntie-ish tight curls!!! I will only get the loose curls effect that I lust after after about a year or so. :(

Furthermore, I don't think my hair is long enough to be permed yet. 'Cause if I want the effect of long loose curls, my hair needs to be really long.

Straightened hair would be boring, undeniably, but you have admit, straight hair will never go out of style, and it would be fuss-free and much easier to take care, especially when I am in Melbourne next year.


What do you think? :)


mizzvickz said...

this post is damn cute. it's about a HAIR dilemma. bwahahaha. you have so many factors to consider!!! lolz.

your hair has always looked straight lor. curls would look good for a change !! i say curl your hair. u look good in curls la based on those pics :)

Sue Lin said...

Haha, been coming across many blogs with your dilema lately, and each time i advice the blogger to CURLLLLLL!!!! =)

And unless the hair professional stylist who did my hair back in January was mistaken, digital perm is the big loose curls, not the aunty-ish tight curls.

Digital perm is rather new and it is NOT the most lasting. I was told that it was supposed to last for only 3 months, but my hair is still curly now la after 10months, though less curly already.

Now i kinda wish i have my straight hair back cuz i think straight hair looks more professional (for internship) but before i go to Aussie next year i'm definitely curling my hair again =)

Hope i helped =)

Sue Lin said...

N ur 'miang pose' is very nice what, very natural! =)

Anonymous said...

u look nice in curls. but ya, it's going to be a bitch to maintain, especially since you won't exactly be "living" with us (the helpful trio who could always lend a helping hand) since you'll be camping in the CNS office. LOL.

but the curls do make you look a bit more grown up-ish, which is good since you don't look your age! hahaha. but seriously, try curling it!

revel in me said...

victoria: And you look friggin good with your new curls!!! :)

sue lin: No wor, I asked a few hairstylists, and they all told me that digital perm gives you tight curls... It is supposed to last for 6 months only, but after that, you just need to blow it a little, and you would get loose curls.

jaclyn: I will take the 'not-looking-age'statement as a compliment. *frowns* Just you wait till I ma forty!! Hehe.. =p Shit, now that you mentioned that I look moe grown up with curls, I feeling like curling... Sick of being mistaken as 16... o_O

Sue Lin said...

Eh? Weird... sorry then