Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy birthday to you. You were born in the zoo.

It's a teeny weeny late (AHAHA, private joke).

But absolutely necessary, 'cause I love you.

I am so sorry for the slightly late post.
I miscalculated the time! I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I thought I had time for a birthday post today, but mana tahu we so cool, hung out til midnight just now. ;)

Teeny Weeny.
Also known as the baby girl of the Hoe family.
Also called Tinnie.
More commonly known as Spider.

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I love you because:

You curse and cuss in such a way that even the bravest of mankind would shit in their pants.

You tirelessly teman me to eat whenever I miss a meal.

Not to mention you layan the endless roti bakar cravings I have.

You stay up at night with me to teach me how to remove tummies on Photoshop.

You help me put liquid eyeliner expertly.

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You are a shameless camwhore, and you entertain all sorts of poses.

You download Chinese songs, and you pass them to me.

You knead and poke my arm with lotion because I complain I've put on weight, and you saw on TV that by doing so, my arms would appear slimmer. Never mind that you only did one arm, so now I have unbalanced arm sizes.

You always accompany me on my searches high and low to find stuff for Chor Min, although it had nothing to do with you. And you never complain, never.

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You are my favourite "Yo, yo" partner.

You and I have a love for craft and design.

You have helped me out so many times, whether it's for birthday party earlier this year, for my projects, you have always been there. :)

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You taught me how to bake. And no matter how much you try to deny it, I still insist the piece of cookie you have here looked like the male genitalia, you corrupted person.

You massage me whenever my muscles hurt.

You are often brutally honest, and though sometimes I lament at your lack of tactfulness, in the end, I still appreciate your honesty.

You used to help me apply your St. Ives mask, and we would lie on the bed waiting for the mask to dry, looking like monsters who wear hairbands.

You are so shy when it comes to sexual matters, that it is so FUN to crack dirty jokes around you.

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You like them big.

And sometimes,

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Love can't be described.

You are one of the bestest sister that anyone could ask for, and I am thankful and eternally grateful that daddy and mommy took a risk to try for another child for the chance of getting a boy, but in the end, you came to the family. :)

Happy, happy birthday again, spidey.
We all love you. =)


mustardqueen said...

U curi my pics eh?? thank goodness i photoshopped it already... sweet of u to write those stuff...dun forget i'll always be there for ur roti bakar and cham cravings...