Friday, December 01, 2006

Heeeeey Macarena!

Some friends, upon reading my recent blog entries, have complimented my boyfriend for being a really sweet/awesome/great/fantastic boyfriend.

Him: "See? I have became a celebrity boyfriend!"


Stunned kao kao man. :D


We still webcam although we are no longer separated by 3000 miles, and hugs and kisses are accessible.

Don't ask me how it started, but I started doing the Macarena on webcam. :P

Put a smile on your face! Do the Macarena TODAY! :)

And he found this video. -_-

And Las Ketchup cropped up along the way too! ;)

But I couldn't remember how to do the Las Ketchup dance.
I still remember doing it with my friends right before Add Maths for SPM (That's right, Grace, that's YOU! =p).

So I tried to google the dance...

And here's a step-for-step guide. -_-

Heehee, I managed to find the video in the end!
Don't be surprised if you see me doing the Ketchup dance in clubs k. :P
Fellow girlfriends, let's rock the Ketchup moves!

And he told me,
"Bee, you said you wanna lose weight right?
Follow MC Hammer lah! Super action packed man!"



Anonymous said...

hello! i feel like i know your bf... was he from smksu last time?

revel in me said...

Yeps, he was!:)