Monday, December 11, 2006

A long night.

My baby was in the hospital. :(

Once last night, and another time this morning.

2 emergency ward visits, 5 freaking jabs.

Food allergy reaction, the doctor said.

I am worried sick now. :(

And his condition does'nt seem to be improving.
I am so paranoid now... What if his ailment does not get better?
What if it worsens through the night, and something happens, and he can't get me????

I feel like calling him every hour, just to make sure that he's still alright.

Nothing hurts more than seeing a loved one suffer, and not being able to help.
I felt so useless.
I would much rather it be me who is going through all that.

Please god, make him okay.


Jon said...

Good luck with the boyfriend =)! Food allergies are a pain :S

revel in me said...

jon: Thank you, dear! :)
And yea, food allergies suck!
I am allergic to bird nest. -_-