Monday, December 04, 2006

My achievements to date.

I have officially been back for 2 weeks.

So far I have eaten:

Chicken McDeluxe (twice).
Bak Kut Teh (2 days after I got back; once).
Nasi Kandar (Curry fish head! Once).
Maggi goreng (Melor's omigod so fucking good, twice).
Proper sit down chinese dinner (once).
Roti bakar (thrice. Kluang Station's every single time. -_-).
Teh ais/teh tarik (countless).
Murni's nasi goreng chicken maryland (once, unfinished, lost bet to Ben).
Murni's nasi lemak goreng (one bite).
Tong sui (once; friend stepped on dog poo in KTZ).
Sang Har Meen (once).
Famous duck rice (once; be nice to me, and I'll tell you where the place is).
Sweet and sour pork (cooked with pork imported from Brazil, super delicious, once; unfortunately).
Kim Gary's typhoon shelter mee with pork chop (once. Unfinished. Oh my god, I am gonna become so skinny!).
Mozarella cheese naanwith ham (William's, once, soooo nice, but I got diahorrea the day after. -_-)

Oh, and one and half a packet of tim tams.

Keep up the good work, hui wen! :)


Anonymous said...

OY!!! How dare u do this to me?!!! I am stuck in this country for 1.5 years more!!! And then I open ure page to read THIS??!!!! Oy!! I am so jealous man. How could you do this me? Do you know how sad I am now? Not to mention hungry? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

hey omg i love the cupcakes so much! wanna do for my boyf too when he comes home but damn lazy la how.

revel in me said...

ran: U taunted me when i was in melb, and you were back home! *sticks out tongue* :P

Oh my goodness, I saw your parents in mamak today! o_O

sweat: It's damn easy, you just need to book and voila, go get the cupcakes! :D I'll ask my bf, and pass the contacts to you k! Oooh, your bf coming back soon right??? :)

Don't be lazy lah!!!