Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pop that cherry.

I've officially fell in love with shopping in Malaysia again! :D

Random pictures.

Trixie, my sister's friend's dog, who stayed over at our house for 2 nights.

It is amazing the poses you can do with a dog.

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Please don't look at its tits.
Not polite to do so.

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Trying to pat the bitch ala Paris Hilton.
(I had to crop this picture 'cause Trixie's crotch was showing. -_-
I always try to keep my blog appropritae for the general public. :D)

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OOOOPS. Crotch alert.

Sigh, wish I was wearing pink. Then I would stuff the dog into my mom's LV bag, and take pictures.

Spoken like a true camwhore, hehe. :P

This is where I went last night.

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I know! I am so super artistic wtf.

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Grace and I.

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Priya, who refused to take pictures, but who gave me a perfect jiwang pose.

Omigod, I just realised something! The chinese wore white, and the indian wore black!
What kind of stupid observation is that. -_-

We all ordered cocktails! Damn like Sex and the City, teehee.

Minus the sex talk lah.

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My Malibu Surf.

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Making the RM17.90 I paid worth it by immortalising the cocktail with tons of pictures.

What girls' outing would be complete without a little dessert?

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Tiramisu (from Italiannies, 'cause Laundry and Italiannies share a kitchen).

Goodbye, diet. Nice knowing you.

I was trying to offer Priya the cherry from my cocktail, 'cause I hate cherries, and Priya, bless that kinky woman, loves cherries.

"Come, Pri, take my cherry!!"

Priya and Grace: "Hui Wen, don't ever go around telling people that!"



Monsta said...

hmm, why are your posts lately so kinky.. or are u always as so? hehehe :p

just dropping by.. a friend of grace :)

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: NOOOoooOOOOOO!!! I no kinky!!!
Me very innocent. :)
And are my entries really THAT kinky???!!!?????? -_-
And hehe, I know, I have been to your blog before! :D You comment on smalls' blog quite often too!! :D

Monsta said...

you kinky!!!
you no innocent!!!
and yes again, post lately vely kinky!! ;p

nvmlah, embrace kinkyness, it makes the world a better place

oh u did? hahaha, okie... :)

alamak... *shy*

eh, i wan to go for GNO!

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: Duuuuun haaaaave larrr.
Not kinky. I am just interesting. :P

Haha, I agree though! Kinkiness makes the world go round!

Which part of Girls'Night Out that you don't get? Hehe.. ;)

Monsta said...

inTeresting??? @.@

errmmm eermmmm.. i could become a girl gua?? ask smalls lah.. im quite girl one ;D

on second thought.. dont ask her.. *thinks about dignity* :p

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: HAHAHA, you've given up your dignity the moment you said you're quite girl kua!!! :P

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