Saturday, December 09, 2006

She is sixteen, going on seventeen...


I broke my chain of blogging everyday. I got caught up in TVB dramas yesterday.
I HAD to find out who the murderer was lah. ;)

7th December, birthday of my baby sister.

I received an sms from my second sister, Jing, at almost 1pm, while I was still in bed.She told me that she was going to skip her last class, and that she was on the way home, so that we could go ber-karaoke with Teeny.
I skimmed through it, and with a grunt, I fell back asleep.

Jing reached home about 1-ish, to a pig of a sister still snoring away.
They all but dragged me out of bed and forced me to get dressed for some Redbox action.

We went to the Redbox at the Curve, and as the presents from Jing and I were at the driver's seat, after we all got off the car at the carpark, we told Teeny to go to the driver's seat herself; that there was something there.

The bag of presents was right under her nose, but she stared at the steering wheel lock for damn long, and snapped at us, " Got what here lar!!!"

But when she say the presents, her face broke into a huge grin and she started beaming like the moon.

Superficial sister.

And later, she confessed that she thought we told her to take a look at the driver's seat 'cause there was a dead body's hand at the driver's seat.


Drama lar the Hoe sisters.

At Kim Gary's.

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Teeny likes presents.

The round white fluff you see on the black bag is actually a skull head.
Yeps, skulls are in this season, and though I still could not comprehend, it is Teeny's newest fetish.
Hence, the theme for her presents this year were "Skulls".

But the keychain (wrapping decoration lah, not part of her presnts, we are not so cheapskate) was terbalik.

At Redbox.

Now, I am not sure about you, but I have heard many ghastly stories about karaokes being haunted.
So, even before we went into Redbox, my sisters and I were sharing all the karaoke ghost stories we've heard before.

When the guy was led us to our room, something REALLY SCARY happened.

He rapped the door thrice before opening the door and ushering us in!!!!


I thought I was the only one who noticed what he did, but after the guy left the room and shut the door behind him, both my sisters looked at me, and asked "WHY DID HE KNOCK THE DOOR BEFORE COMING IN?"

We looked around the big empty room with its long seats in terror.

I told the boyfriend 'bout what happened, and he told me he did it to ask for permission.
From who???(What??!!!??)
Really scared until can die.

We tried to push it out of our minds.
With success.

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I kept on complaining that I felt I was very skimpily dressed.
'Cause I was'nt wearing any pants! Haha.

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While my sisters were shrieking away at the mike.
Probably scared away the hantus lah.

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Me, doing the air guitar.
The thing is, I don't remember doing that!

Ok, no more pictures of us karaoke-ing.
We were that engrossed in singing! :P

Girls' Night Out. Telawi Street Bistro.

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Yea, baby, make me hot.

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Giving the birthday girl some puckering.

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Me, in a houndtooth dress!
Now, all I want is a houndtooth jacket! And shorts!
And I'll be happy. :)

The boyfriend dropped by at my house for a short while at midnight, and I went into his car in the same dress for I just reached home myself.
The first words out of his mouth:
"Why you wear table cloth?"


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TSB at night.

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Ohhhh, nothing lah.
Just show you my dress only. :P

And Jing and I treated Teeny to a cocktail for her sweet sixteen, to signify her partial foray into adulthood! :)
She chose a cocktail named Vanilla 'Bling Bling', 'cause my baby sister LOVES bling.
I think she would come back in her next life as 50 cents ler.

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"Bling" it on!

Ahaha, I so witty.

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Salmon Passion.

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Some chicken pizza.

Yeah, we took a hiatus from our protein diet that day.
Must give face to the birthday girl mah. ;)
Excuses excuses.

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Beacuse we were wearing the same color scheme. :)

And what's a birthday without cake???!!!???


As Alexis was so nearby, and I've personally heard of some raves and praises of the Tiramisu there, we decided to march right there to end Teeny's birthday with a blow (as in candle)! ;)

At Alexis.

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I like the woven effect of the wall.

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I pray for world peace, and a 23-inch waist and C-cup boobs for my lovely sister, hui wen...

Oh my effing goodness!!!
And goodness it was.

The tiramisu was GOOD! :)
However, it is baked in a very "cake" sort of manner ( just think of the tiramisu in Secret Recipe, as compared to the traditional original way (very creamy, with sponge fingers, and very liquor-ish)).

I used to think Italiannies has the best tiramisu, but recently, I feel that its tiramisu has deteriorated somewhat. The cake is too drenched in liquor for my liking. =(

The Alexis tiramisu was coated with a layer if honeyed walnut pieces, and has alternating layers of mascorpone cheese and cream and sponge cake. The are also thick chunks of chocolate within the cake, adding to the dimension of taste and texture. But the best part of the cake is definitely the walnut pieces, yeps, definitely. :)

No one will complain of I end the post with a dessert pic right? ;)

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A cross-dimensional view of the cake.
Hee, actually I only remembered to take a picture of devouring half of the cake. =p


Anonymous said...

alexis has really good cakes, besides the tiramisu as well. and their cocktails are not bad too, price was. ooh, i miss alexis!

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Are you hinting for another GNO at Alexis? ;)

Cake, I waaaaaaaant!! :P