Saturday, December 30, 2006

Singapore, more, more, MORE!

When your younger sisters have hipper social lives than you, you know you're in deep shit.

Left alone on a Saturday afternoon. Pfffft.

Singapore trip

Day 1:

On the way, in the bus.
Lousy pic, due to Jing's shaky hand.

Alot of people gave me plenty of "WHY???"s when I told them I was going to S'pore by bus.
Hello, it's expensive to go by plane, can?
And my dad did'nt follow (else it won't be a shopping trip!=p), so we could'nt drive.

I love me cushion.

This is where the four of us (mommy, 2 sisters and I) stayed in my aunt's house!
My cousin sister's room. She is currently working in some Arabian country (name unprononceable, so don't ask me, hee).
She's an architect, and I've always salivate after her rooms!!!!
(She changes her room design every few years or so).

And... :(

Before I further explain, let me tell you a little fact about myself.

I hate pokemon.

Another fact.
I forgot to bring my towel to S'pore.

So guess what???

An extra towel of my aunt's.


Day 2:

Aunt's apartment...

Fuiyoh, like camera ad.

Train station....

My favourite place in S'pore! :D

Hee, I like how it seems we are superimposed onto the picture! ;)

Yes yes, I know I am tiptoeing in the pic.

Ngee Ann City...

I am posting this pic purely 'cause my ear looks elf-ish here!!!
Come get me, Legolas! :P

Tis' the season to be sisterly!

All I want for Christmas is two big boobs.... :D

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

While we were taking this picture, an LV salesgirl passed us, and she gave us the biggest o_O look!

Sorry, we are shameless! :P

And after that, everything went downhill. :(

I got the worst period cramps EVER EVER EVER.
Like, the only other time I had a severe cramp was one day before my SPM (Chemistry)!!!

It hurt so bad I just sprawled myself on the toilet bow (thank goodness for clean S'pore public toilets).
It was so agonising I almost fainted in the toilet stall.
It was so torturing I kept on gagging and felt like puking (not 'cause my ahem, elimination was smelly larrrr).
It was so suffering that when my mom brought me to Coffee Club, one of my favourite places to eat in S'pore, I refused a single bite, as I had zero appetite. When my mom fed me, I just spat out whatever that was in my mouth. It was as if I could'nt stand to have anything in my mouth.
It ached so much that even after taking 2 panadols, the pain did not subside much.

My mom even bought 'fong yao' (minyak angin? How do you say it in English?), and as I was in too much pain to even walk to the toilet, I just reached under my dress in the middle of Coffee Club to rub the ointment on my tummy, while my mom hovered my sweater on top of my lap in an attempt to shield me.

Kinky, I know. ;)

In the end, I went back with my aunt first, while my mom and sisters stayed on to shop. :(

Luckily they got me an A/X sweater! Wahaha!

Anyway, on the same night, it was CRUUUIIISSSSE time!
Plentiful of shameless camwhoring pics...
But it's time to go out for dinner! Wagyu beef, yum yum! :P

More updates later! :)


Monsta said...

hahaha, dham char tow

u hate pokemon kena pokemon towel...


anyways, i linked you up :)

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: DO NOT LAUGH AT MY MISFEAT!

I'll link you up soon too k! :)