Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Squeaky clean entry. I swear.

My recent entries very kinky meh? :(

Some clean fun then.

Was supposed to go for a Girls' Night Out with my sisters today, but due to logistics problems, we had to postpone it.

But GNO still went ahead.
But in Ming Tien instead. ;)

Because we were looking forward to dolling up so much,
we *sort of* dressed up. :P

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I just went for a hair treatment today!
Look how shiny my hair is! :D

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Hor jien!!! Been craving for it so much!

But I was damn pissed.
'Cause this hor jien (fried egg with oysters) was cooked very insincerely!
It was a pile of boiled oysters heaped on top of the fried egg!
Hor jien is not cooked like that k!
The oysters are cooked with the egg, and they are supposed to be embedded in the egg, like little treasures!

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Pouty 'cause of the hor jien letdown.

But I still happily gobbled away, and left the boiled oysters for my sister lar, hee.
Don't oysters look like squishy eyeballs?

Oh, and did I mention my sister and I am on a protein diet?
Damn tough k, no french fries and roti bakar. Good comfort food.
Heck, good food, full stop.

Has been on it for 3 days already, and so far, I don't think I have touched any carbs.

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Check out how bony my pits are!

I am losing weight lah.
I am gonna be skinny.


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One of the Miangs.
(Evident from pose.)

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Jing and I, working hard on our protein diet.

We didn't touch the fries k.
We have been eating plentiful of chicken chops and nasi kandar without the nasi.
It's damn expensive to be on the Atkins diet. :(

Better be bloody worth it.

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An old pair of pumps that I still love to death now. :)

We started talking 'bout snogging girls.
Jing terribly wants to try.
I offered, hehe, but she shrinks away with shrieks of laughter, claiming that we are too close to actually try it.

Ceh. I am a SENSATIONAL kisser k.

Oh crap. Seems like yellow_monsta is right. I always end up on kinky topics.

Anyway, I know how girls snog's or any subject remotely related to lesbianity is a turn-on to men.
I personally find it quite sick.
Undeniably, women are much hotter than men.
But for men to find homosexuality in women a turn-on, is like girls finding gays sexy!
It's just wrong.

My fellow girlfriends in Melbourne (Smalls, Jac and Mey) have talked 'bout doing it.
Especially when we are a little high on alcohol.
I mean, to be honest, are'nt you a little curious? How does it feel etc.
Rumors have it that girls' kisses are softer, as in their tongues and mouths are just basically softer.

We always chicken out because we always say, what if we try kissing a girl, and you find out that you prefer women???

Hmm, but I should definitely try once in my life. :)

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Me, Jing and Ting.
The Miangs united.


Anonymous said... said squeaky clean...yet you ended up talking about lesbian kisses *rofl* Face it dear, you are what you are...the um *blank* SIFU....scared to say it after u come beat me up! =D

Anonymous said...

hui wen, SERIOUSLY, why wont you just kiss me?

just don't fall for me after that k... i know it would be terribly hard, awhhHhHhhh

:D :D :D

revel in me said...

ran: BLEEAAAHHHH! *sticks out tongue*

kitmey: Muahhh muahhh!!
I scared YOU can't get enough of me ar. :D