Saturday, December 30, 2006

Too much is not enough.



Photobucket failed me, so I signed up for Flickr!!!
And voila! Pictures' galore!!! :)

Ok, fine lah, I am lazy now, only got one picture. ;)

9 days.
Shopping escapades.

Part of our shopping purchases.



Monsta said...

PART of your shopping??!

be afraid of girls shopping is an understatement


happy pre new year btw! :)

mizzvickz said...

i am SO going to rob you. grrrr. lol

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: NOOOO!! You've misunderstood!!! Y'see, the stuuf shown are shared by my mom, my 2 sisters and me!!! Not alot for 4 women!!!

Bah. It's lost battle to explain the fine art of shopping to men. :P

Happy new year to you too!!! :)

Vic: Not alot laaaarr!!!! :P And come rob larr!! I've a giant bulldog with a even more giant tongue waiting fro you!! =p

And why you closed off your blog... :(

mizzvickz said...

NOT alot ar? -_-" haiyoh. u arrr. lol. i didn't close my blog . it'z just erm for friends ;P
I don't know ur email so i didn't invite u . . .but i JUST did. crescent_masquerade RIGHT RIGHT? :P

Anonymous said...

madness. is the gucci bag for me? *big sheepish grin*

Anonymous said...

yikes anonymous was me. jac.

revel in me said...

vic: Ya ya, I can read your blog already!! :P

And no lar, it's not alot, 'cause it's mostly my mom and sisters'stuff.. =(

jac: Haha! No gucci bag!! Gucci wallets!! :P