Sunday, December 17, 2006

Why women shop.

I bought 3 pairs of shoes today.
I am a happy, happy girl. :)

Reasons for women to shop:

Fat already, need new clothes, 'cause the old ones don't fit.

Lost weight, need to reward self.

Sales, it makes economical sense to buy; imagine the money you'll save!

Expensive/luxurious/unaffordable items, good way to motivate self to work harder to obtain the item.

Sad, retail therapy, it really works.

Happy, it's a cause for celebration.


S h e r v e said...

There's always a reason to shop yea?
Now I need to make up more so I won't feel bad about splurging during the sales!
whee! :D

mizzvickz said...

ahahah hui wen will be hui wen :P

Anonymous said...

Eh... how unefficient of you. Got your camera back, bought no shoes but no pics of them =P

revel in me said...

sherve: Since when we need a reason to shop??? :D

victoria: WOMEN will be WOMEN. ;)

sam: Aiya, you faster go out with me, then I'll prance around and show off my new shoessss... :P