Sunday, January 14, 2007

5 pieces of nonsense plus one.

I wanted to blog, but as usual, Photobucket AND blogger are motherfuckers. unless the universe is against me.

No pictures? Might as well spurt some nonsense then. ;)

I emo-ed today, 'cause it suddenly hit me that I've to go back to Melbourne in slightly more than a month. How fast time flies when you're in your comfort zone. I meant comfort zone in a good way.

1 more month with the boyfriend, then another 4 months without him.
Without a doubt, I am luckier than many people, at least I can still see my boyfriend every few months, but it still sucks.

He has his exam at the end of January, so he would be studying this 2 weeks, and though we have already crossed pinkies for me to accompany him (quietly) while he studies, as a good girlfriend I must give him sufficient space and time to focus. Darn you, Accounting Theory.

He is also going to Langkawi in Feb with his cousins for an all guys' trip.

Then he is starting work mid-Feb.

ARGHH, so little time left.

I like the song "Smack That" by Akon! It is so catchy! And kinky!
Whenever I hear the song I just feel like wiggling my butt on the dancefloor. ;)

I had a mouth infection last week, and it affected my looks drastically. I refused to step out of the house for one whole week.
One whole blardy week.

I need cash so desperately.
Upcoming plans: Penang trip, PD trip, Jogoya, Valentine's, sister's birthday, 3-days-long-anniversary-calebration, and on top of everything, I've been eyeing 2 dresses.

I can't wait to see the fabulous Melbourne people this Saturday.
Smack that, all on the floor!

My sister used gold fabric paint on her nails because we ran out of gold nail polish.

Edit: I have fighter spirit. I must not give up.
SEE?? Got picture already!! :P