Monday, January 01, 2007

Bye, 2006.

Hello, 2007.

Is it me, or is everyone reflecting on the past year?

And the bombardment of the standard cliched line, "Wow, a year has flied past! I can't believe it's another new year!"

Not me.

For the first time in years, I do not came to a sudden revelation that, Shit, what has happened to the last year???.
In fact, I am rather peaceful with the year rolling to a fullstop. I quite look forward to 2007, actually.

I blame it on the fact that I went over to Melbourne in the middle of last year. It just makes it seems I went through quite alot in 2006, as compared to other more mundane and routine-like years.


There is'nt really anything that I wish I could have done or did differently or did not do, simply because I know it's not possible.

And scarily, I did not seem to change much in 2006.
In fact, I think my personality has'nt changed since I was 16 years old!

OK, that is a scary thought. o_O


I have been noisy, hyper, bimbo-ish, stubborn, kiasu, witty, does'nt-give-two-fucks-about-what-other-people-think, fiercely loyal, competitive, glutton-like, vain, self-sacrificing when it comes to people I love and care about, and (over) confident all this while, and it has served me well .

And honestly, I don't really think I need to change much, (I am a good kid, hee), I am overall satisfied and comfortable with who I am.

As for learning new things about myself, either I am too 2-dimensional and I've known everything about myself, or I am too dense and thickheaded to know myself better...


'Cause, like I said, I have'nt changed much, though i am so much appreciative of everything I have now. :)

And also the fact that it is time to give some solid thought to my future directions.
Sought after my interests?
Or be practical and rake in the moolah?

2007 is probably gonna be the last year that I get to just sit back, kick off my socks, and just be a reckless, fun-loving young adult, with no worries about jobs and wages.

(That is, until I marry a rich guy, and realise my life-long dream of being a tai-tai. ;) )

Hence, I am determined to live 2007 to the fullest. :)


Too many broken. Meant to be broken. Will be broken.


Looks like 2007 is a clean slate for me.


Happy 2007, everyone.
I have a feeling it's gonna kick-ass.


Jon said...

Being a tai-tai is your second sisters dream lah :P

Anonymous said...

We all share the same dream! ;) Just some more than the other.. *tee-hee*

revel in me said...

jon: Being a tai tai is most girls' dream!! :D

jing: *looks at you with dramatic, shining eyes*

Here's to our dream, dear sister! Cheers! :P