Sunday, January 21, 2007

Glamour and Glitz, and my Glamour Puss.

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Tiffin Bay.

Glamour & Glitz.

Jaclyn's 21st.

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All glammed up (right to left): Birthday girl, Smalls, Joleen, me.

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We took 3 unsatisfactory shots before settling for this one (left to right): Smalls, Rebecca. Victoria, me.

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I spent the entire night trying to push over the cups and saucers, much to Jac's dismay. ;)
Hui Wen, don't be a jakun!

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Bakry, whom I got to know only yesterday.

His mom found a condom in his room, and asked him "What is this??!!!"

He answered back, "What else, ma...."


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Pretty lights!

Not many pictures of the Tiffin Bay, because I believe you should go there and witness the sheer gorgeousness of the place by yourself.

That, and the fact the management refused to let us take pictures of the place, hee.

Our theory: An identical-looking bar must have sprouted up recently, under the name of "Tiffany's Bay". ;)

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At the strike of midnight!
The cake came, and the jazz band played "Happy Birthday" live. :D

Quite a painful ordeal for a girl who hates public chantings of birthday songs! :P

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Birthday girl and I.
Jac's in denial that she's 21.
Hello?? Can you imagine how I feel? I am going to be 22 this year!

There were many more people, but I was'nt in the mood for picture-snapping. The management of Tiffin Bay weakened my camwhoring morale. :(

But do view Jac's blog for more pictures. :)


Happy 21st Birthday, Jaclyn! :)

Jac, you have been nothing short of a fantastic friend in these few months since I knew you. :)

The day I first saw you, you were an intimidating Melbourne-ised chick, with too gorgeous clothes and too expensive handbags; little did I know that a heart of gold lies under the funky exterior, and in the heart of gold, lies a self-sacrificing and generous nature.
The fact that you always encourage us to shop our moolah away is a small setback when we consider what a wonderful companion and friend you are. ;)

Thank you for all your thoughtfulness, your care, your patience, your fun-loving ways... We are so gonna ROCK Melbourne upside down this year! :D

PS: Speaking of self-sacrificing ways, I like chocolate chip cookies, ey? :P

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Have a great (twenty) one, dear! :D


Anonymous said...

awh, so sweeetttt!!!!
thank u so much!! *hugs*
i'll go test-run a few batches of chocolate chip cookies this cny so that it'll be edible by the time i make them for you in melbourne.

ps: we won't just rock melbourne. we ALREADY do. melbourne's super not happening without us there.

revel in me said...

You bring SWEET and SELF-SACRIFICING to a new level! -_-