Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pensive moments.

I am sitting in the college's computer lab now, with another 2 hours to kill.

A quick glance at the time indicator at the lower right hand corner of the computer screen tells me it's 9.49am.
Usually, at this time, I would still snoring away under my blue embroidered comforter.

I am waiting for the boyfriend, who's having his deferred paper now. It has been tradition, since the day we started dating, to accompany the other person during the day of exam, and to wait until the person has finished the paper.

Most of my friends think it's pretty pointless, but it's tradition ok.
And my parents did that when they were dating too, so it's sweet!

Usually, when he has exams, it would be my exam period too, so while I wait for him, I'll just study for my subjects; else, I'll grab a magazine (the thickest and the cheapest, 'cause I am a cheapskate like that), and a few curry puffs along the way, and sit along the foyer to see and to be seen.

However, since I am broker than Brokeback Mountain, magazines are out of the question, so I brought along a book. A chick lit book, in fact.

Chick lit to the max.
"Mine are Spectacular". Heh.
The cover illlustration is of the back a girl who is whipping open her towel, and people gawking in the background.
I know, I know, I am such a bimbo for reading a book with such an obviously frivalous title, and I should be dragged across the Sahara just for carrying the book around, but hey, it's a good (albeit fluffy) read.

Though I suspect I will go on a diet after reading the book.
And not to mention start building funds to buy a Birkin bag.

So yeah.
I am so broke, that if I finish the storybook, I won't have any money to go rent more books (I usually rent my books, unless it's something that I know I'll read more than once), so I had to save the book, which leads to why I am online.

At least it's free.

Oh oh oh, I had such a horrible morning.
I was late!!!! My stupid handphone alarm didn't ring, and I woke up at 7.42am when I was supposed to be at college at 8am.

I got ready in 13 minutes flat (including a bath), and sped down LDP. Heck, I didn't even put on make up, that's how much I love my boyfriend.
So if you see a racoon-eyed girl with a thatch of birdnest lying atop of her head disguising as hair, and crazed look in her eyes, that was me.

What's with people cutting their hair short?
My sister did it, random hot chicks whom I know in terms of existence did it, and Jac did it too.
A lengthy BUT informative conversation with girlfriends concluded that if you can carry off short hair, you are a true hot girl.
But I can NEVER EVER cut my hair short!!! My cheeks are too puffy, and my face too round.
But then, if I don't ever do it, I'll never know whether I am truly hot.
Should I go under the knife????
Or in this case, the scissors.

Wow, The girl who just sat opposite me really looked like a good friend of mine.
Bing, that's you I am talking about!
I almost called out to her, though there were nagging feelings that she looks rather distorted and blown up.
But it's not la. Bing is in Johor now, probably squatting on top of a roof looking down floods or something.

I just did up my timetable for next semester, or rather, the coming semester, since it's barely a month away, and I am pretty pleased with the arrangements-- I'll get a day off, and most classes end by 3pm, so it'll be easier for me to work part-time.
I need the money (Refer to top: Birkin bag).

It's scary, the fact that I have only 1 more month back home. Before sleeping last night, tossing my thoughts and body in bed, and I recalled the day I flew back from Melbourne back home.
The excitement, the rush, the anticipation.
It felt so real.

When I came back, I thought I have so much time here, I thought I would be to do so much, but here I am, 2 months in M'sia, and I am berating that time pasts by so quickly.
I didn't spend enough time with my sisters, didn't talk to my grandparents enough, didn't meet up with enough friends, didn't try out more food, didn't go to more places.

I need to do something about that.

Edit: I lost my parking ticket in college today, which cost me RM20.
So much for not reading mags to save money.


Anonymous said...

oh oh im going to cut my hair short too! after my 3rd batch of and final extensions run the course of their life span of course. but still considering because i dont know if i wanna have short hair for graduation =.=

tze said...

niamachauhai aud never comment in my blog tiuleiloumouchaucibai wtf.

oh i will never ever EVER cut my hair short. that'll be the last thing on earth i wanna do. already my boyfriend says i look/sound like a man T.T so if i cut my hair short i will never hear the end of it. plus HAH your cheeks are puffy! have you seen mine!

oh and i think that tradition is seriously damn sweet. really, i went awwww (in my heart of course, don't want ppl thinking im a nutcase) when i read it. but if you're in australia then how!

revel in me said...

aud: Hahahaha, what kind of reason is that to not have short hair??

AAh, I know! You stick fake hair to your graduation topi hehehe I am so smart. :D

tze: I KNOW!! I am very against cutting short hair myself. And my cheeks are really puffy lar. Puffier than yours, CONFIRMED! :P

And yay, finally someone who thinks we are sweet! :D When I am in aus, he'll call me to wish me luck, although it's 5am M'sian time, and I'll do the same for him. :)