Sunday, February 25, 2007

Be strong.

I was with the boyfriend in the car, and Muse's "Hysteria" was playing in the radio.

You know the "Woo-ooo-oo-ooo-oo" part?

The boyfriend was wailing on top of his lungs in sync with the song.

I looked at him with my best raised-eyebrow look.

He turned to me, and asked me cheekily,

"Are you amused with my Muse?"

Oh. My. God.



I have finally hauled my butt to packing, and Lord save me.

How the hell am I going to bring everything back???

Today at the bak kut teh session with my friends, I confessed that I have plans to bring 10 pairs of shoes back to Melbourne.
Everyone at the table gave me o_O looks.

Why do you need so many pairs of shoes for? The booyfriend asked.
Tsk tsk, boyfriend also tak kenal me.

Duh! I said.
There are so many colors in this world, and even if I stick to the basic colors, we have white, black, red, blue, purple, pink, green...
And let's not even go into metallics.
If I were to match my outfits, 10 pairs of shoes is pretty reasonable, don't you think?

And shoes at Melbourne are really, really expensive.
I could buy 3 pairs of shoes with the price of one back home.

So, I am pretty rational, I think.

But holly shit, I have NO SPACE! And the fear of breaching the weight limit.

After piling everything that I want to bring over on my bed, I realised that I needed a suitcase as big as my bed, for every inch of my bed was covered.
I had piles categorised into cardigans, jackets, shorts, jeans, skirts, casual tops, dresses, jumpers, to name a few.

So fine, I became firm.
I had to streamline further my selection, therefore, I told myself, I would not bring anything that I have worn before.

But even that didn't help!!

And don't get me started on accessories.
I can't live without my necklaces and earrings and headbands and sashes.

And my collection of belts that I want to bring over.
I was complaining to Smalls just now that I probably have enough to loop around the globe.


And the irony is, I bought things in M'sia, which I intentionally bought to wear in Melbourne, and now I have to leave them behind!!!

I. Can't. Bear. It.


God, give me strength.
Let me be strong. Let me have the courage and perseverance to go through with my elimination process.
Shed me light. Let me SEE which have to go, and which have to stay.

Else, make all my clothes feather light, and the insides of my suitcase to be like Harry Potter's Ministry of Magic's cars whereby inside, it's as spacious as a house.


mustardqueen said...


I thought you wanna be strong for leaving us behind??

Now you saying you wanna be strong for leaving your clothes behind??


damn zha dou ok...

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyy, Jing gets everything!! *triumphant grin* ;)

Anonymous said...

and the answer is...shipping!

haha that's what i'm going to do! ship my stuff back to malaysia:D

Anonymous said...

i'm bringing 15 pairs of shoes so 10 is pretty reasonable. =D i'm soooo going to be overweight

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: That's because I don't want to leave you guys behind!

*collective awwwws...* :P

jing: Darn you, bitch. You owe me big! :P

aud: I want to ship too! The reason why I shopped and shopped was 'cause I thought that was the answer to my prayers, but lately I had a talk with my dad, and he hinted that he rather I throw my stuff away than ship it back!!! Scared the shits out of me! :(

jaclyn: And you are just a crazy woman.