Monday, February 12, 2007

Gluttony at its best.

This is all about food, baby.

Food in Penang, specifically.

Yup, the boyfriend and I took so many pictures that I am just gonna split them up, thus, this post is all about the nyam-nyams. ;)

First on the list, well, it isn't really Penang, but we did stop by on the way to Penang. :)

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And the famous Bidor duck noodles!

I swear to god, I didn't know it was so famous. Almost everyone that I mentioned the word 'Bidor' to, will exclaim "DUCK NOODLES!!!". Not to mentioned I have seen these noodles featured in quite a number of M'sian food blogs.

The soup was absolutely heavenly! I love ginseng/herb soups as it is, and this duck broth really blew my mind!

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I fished out the duck drumstick...

And the drumstick was so juicy and tender! That's how birds should be, nyeheks!

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Wu Kok (yam dim sum with meat filling). Char siew bits in it!

Don't forget to head to Pun Chun restaurant if you pass by Bidor, it's definitely worth a trip. :)
The shop sells native snacks too, and the sat kei mah sold is not bad!

The noodles was so good, we went back again on the way back to KL. ;)

And now, Penang goodies!
We did our homework before heading to Penang the food haven. ;)
The boyfriend actually bought 2 books that recommend the best places to eat in Penang!

Ice kacang
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Located at Swatow Lane.

Sheltered from the sweltering sun outside, it was bliss to scoop the refreshing sweetened ice into our mouths. This ice kacang is good because the amount of syrup/gula melaka ladened is just nice! Don't you just hate eating ice kacang that lacks in syrup? It's like eating shaved ice, bleah. And if you taste it properly, you can taste a hint of mint. And they served it with a scoop of peanut butter ice cream! :)

I noticed the Penangites ordered fruit ice kacang... Hmm, someting for me to try the next time... ;)

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From the same stall as the ice kacang, I haven't tasted cendol as good as this for a long, long time. It was seriously full of santan, which of course, was probably why it tasted so good. But the gula melaka! The soft red beans! The green jelly slithering on my tongue! oh, heaven! Kl cendols are usually too bland, they definitely have a thing or two to learn from this stall.

Penang lobak
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I am not usually a fan of lobak, but I have to admit, Penang lobak is delicious-- probably 'cause it very crispy and crunchy. And I especially loved the cucur udang, the whole thing was filled with prawns! Kl ones are just flour. o_O

Seafood porridge
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Loacted at a restaurant along Gurney Drive, this porridge is not like others. Cooked by a retired fisherman, this porridge is more like rice grains in some delicious broth, with fresh and succulent seafood.

The cook gets the freshest seafood from his fisherman friends everyday, and you can be rest assured that you are eating the freshest catch from the sea. :)

Chicken wings
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Restaurant Song River, along Gurney Drive.

Now, I know, chicken wings? Such a common food, and it's not even a specialty of Penang! But seriously?

The bestest chicken wings I have ever eaten, it came highly recommended by the boyfriend, who ate 70 chicken wings (chopped into 2 pieces, that's a whopping 140 pieces! -_-) with his cousins the last time.

The skin is so crispy on the outside, and I have no idea how it is done, but the chicken fats of the skin is actually melted away, leaving just the thin layer of crunchy chicken skin-- no guilt! :P It was like eating Peking duck, hehe.

We didn't order 70 wings lar.

Prawn mee
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An interesting trivia-- Prawn mee is known as Hokkien mee in Penang.

This prawn mee came with pork ribs, I don't usually eat prawn mee, and neither do I favor said noodles, so I am not sure how this would rank in terms of prawn-mee-goodness.

Roti Babi
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Also at Song River restaurant.

It looked deceptively like the french toast served in Kim Gary, and I have to admit, I was poking at it sceptically before digging in. But the roti babi, first soaked in egg, and the fried to perfection, and stuffed with minced pork, was surely something different, and even being the fussypot I am, I felt it was good.

And it was priced at RM2.50, which is a steal if you compare it to the roti babi in Yat Kee of KL(around RM7)!

Fried kuay teow
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Lorong Swatow.

Now, usually, carbs are my enemy, and fried kuay teow is a no-no. But holy shit, this fried kuay teow was goooood! Penang fried kuay teow is different from KL's, which is fried with black sauce. I read quite a few recommendations on the best place to go to for fried kuay teow in penang, but hello..?

This is great already! :P

It reminds me of my favourite dish at Chef Loong SS2, the fried chee cheong fun! :)

Curry Laksa
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I took great lengths to ensure that my laksa wasn't served with coagulated pig's blood, which is how Penang laksa is usually served. *shivers*

Fried Kuih Kak
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At New Lane.

Very spicy! One of my favourite ta-pao dishes from the SS2 pasar malam when I was younger (and when carbs weren't my nemesis). :P

Assam Laksa
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Air Hitam wet market, near Kek Lok Si temple.

I am personally not a big fan of assam laksa, but my inner food critic told me that this was good! ;) I think it's due to the fact that the soup is neither too sour or spicy, (I find assam soups which are too sour jelak) and the generous helpings of fish; and according to the boyfriend, the secret to this laksa is the prawn paste (the black sauce in the soup) used. Totally worth the 2 ringgit plus I paid! :P

Pig intestine's porridge
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New Lane too.

This dish came highly acclaimed in our food books... But I do not take any internal organs!!!!!!

But according to the boyfriend, it was good. :)

I did try one piece lah. ;)

Oh Chien (oyster omelette)
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At Bee Shan restaurant.

The bestest Oh Chien EVER is in Sitiawan, but this comes a very close second. Apparently, the Oh Chien uncle has fried Oh Chien for 50 years already!!!

You can actually request the uncle to cook the Oh Chien to your liking, for example, extra crispy, more oysters etc. And it was obvious that the oysters used are very fresh, 'cause... Well, I am not to proud to admit this, as much as I love Oh Chien, I usually avoid the oysters; but the oysters in this Oh Chien were not one bit fishy!

We ordered a second plate, after gobbling down our first one. ;)

Well, this pretty much sums up most of the food that we sampled in Penang, though sample is probably a misleading word-- more like scoffed, devoured, gorged... ;) It was also really delightful to go to a few places for one meal-- eg. satay at one spot, laksa at another, the end up at another place for chicken wings. :)

The only downside?

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My tummy is damn big now.


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember all these places for me ok, so that when i come back to penang, you can tell me where got good food to eat!!

Anonymous said...

i love coagulated porks blood! haha. oh the hunger. and i'm so darn sick that i can't eat because i puke out my food afterward. gahHHH!!

Anonymous said...

140 pieces HOW CAN HAHAHAAHAHAHHA! Oh and u look really cute in the last pic:D (despite what tummy u said)

=) said...

I think that's not CURRY LAKSA but CURRY MEE....

I tried Bee Shan fried oyster once before after it was published on newspaper...but I personally think that his fried oyster is just too oily...

Good to hear that you enjoy penang food

revel in me said...

ran: Ahhh, you lucky lucky woman! Not only Penang has yummy food, it has great shopping too! :P

jaclyn: EEEWWW!!! Why you like pig's blood wan??!!!

And are you okay, babe? Are you sick? Get well soon k! :)

Erm, I bake you pig's blood cake? *innocent smile*

aud: Ya la, sot wan right, but really damn nice! I think I can eat 50 pieces myself wahaha fatty bom bom me.

And you look awfully great in your bikini pics too! (Ceh, I only give compliments when people dish them to me, hee) :D

wei shang teh: Hmm, what's the difference? I would thought that the curry for curry mee is thicker?

And ya, I have to admit, the fried oyster was a tad oily... But ah, we have to sacrifice a bit for good food! ;)

=) said...

curry mee is curry mee la...nothing to do with laksa at all...the noodles is just totally different...curry mee consist of yellow noodles like hokkien mee and/or bihun

bee shan's fried oyster is oily, but other stalls are not...i prefer to fry it myself cz i can get whole bunch of oysters for rm6...hehehe

oh yea i'm from penang