Saturday, February 17, 2007

God played a cruel joke.

Don't ever forget, you're always on my mind...

That was today's message.

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He baked fortune cookies for me, with individual messages stuffed in it. :)

And the poor baby has numb/sore fingers now, due to all the folding of the fortune cookies (you have got to do it while it's piping hot).

And a day spent in with a loved one (him), cozy hugs (plenty), old movie (Top Gun), and chewing on pizza (Domino's), is quaintly perfect.

Time like this, I feel like I don't need anything else. :)


On the other hand, my sister just puked in my car. :(

I still do not how to explain to my parents.
'Cause she drank. Quite a bit.

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Jing's birthday, Luna Bar...

And a pile of vomit in my car.


I still lup you though. :)


Anonymous said...

Ewwww, i STILL smell of puke! *scrunhes nose in disgust* ;(

Bhavani said...

Hui Wen: Have I ever mentioned how freaking jealous I am of you having such a great guy? AND he has a sense of humour too (I esp love the ShorTea jibe) HMPH.

Jing: Remind me to never let you into my car if you've had anything to drink... =|

Anonymous said...

i like your sister already! =D

tze said...

eh damn sweet la yr bf! how come he knows how to bake!

revel in me said...

jing: And I am sending you the bill for my car's new upholstery! ;)

Bhavani: Haha, yes, I do have the greatest boyfriend, but don't la encourage his jibes at me!! You're supposed to be on the women's side! :D

jaclyn: Because she puked in my car? :(

tze: Heehehe, my bf can cook! *bangga gila* And he bakes the best chocolate chip cookies! =)

More domesticated than me, cis.

Bhavani said...

Sorry, when it comes to short-jokes, I'm the only one on THIS Side, the rest of you are The Others =Pp